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How do I contribute my thesis?

To submit a copy of your thesis you are required to complete the Thesis Deposit Form. The copy can be uploaded to this form.

Contact if you have any further queries regarding this submission.


If you have included any copyright material in your thesis – diagrams, graphs, photos and other illustrations, substantial amounts of text, or anything else that you did not create yourself – you must either have used it with an appropriate ‘free to share’ licence e.g Creative Commons or with permission from the copyright owner (either by direct request, or as given in a website’s terms of use); please attach copies of any permissions granted when you deposit your thesis.

Without an appropriate licence or permission you will have to deposit two copies of your thesis: the original version, including the copyright materials, will be retained as the Version of Record but cannot be made available online. The second copy, with the copyright material removed, will be uploaded to the Research Repository; you should note in this copy where material has been removed, citing copyright restrictions and giving a reference to where it can be found by the reader.

Please see the Copyright Matters website for further details or contact the University Copyright Coordinator.

How do I contribute my research publications?

Murdoch Research Repository welcomes contributions of publications from staff and postgraduate students of Murdoch University and its associated bodies.

To contribute a research publication:

  • Read and indicate your agreement on the online Repository Deposit Agreement form. This is a one-off agreement that asks for the right to store your works and make them publically available.
  • Send a list of your publications and an electronic copy of the work(s) to (see below for which versions to send).

Important note - send us the 'accepted manuscript' not the publisher formatted PDF

When contributing content to the Murdoch Research Repository we ask that you provide us with your own final version (also known as the accepted manuscript) rather than the publisher formatted PDF version.

The 'accepted manuscript' is the final document that you create - as accepted for publication and incorporating any changes following refereeing and editing - but without any of the publishers' formatting, pagination, layout etc.

See Copyright section for more information.