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Nandasena, Kemanthi Gayathri (2004) Rapid evolution of diversity in the root nodule bacteria Biserrula plecinus L. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Cheng, Yvonne (2003) Plant mechanisms contributing to acid impairment of nodulation of Medicago murex and Medicago sativa by Sinorhizobium medicae. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Terpolilli, Jason (2009) Why are the symbioses between some genotypes of Sinorhizobium and Medicago suboptimal for N2 fixation? PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Wall, Katrina Joy (2006) Action of autochthonous bacteria on the decay of enteric viruses in groundwater. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Yates, Ronald (2008) Symbiotic Interactions of Geographically Diverse Annual and Perennial Trifolium spp. with Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Lok, Eng Hai (2011) Nutrition and nitrogen-fixation in Malaysian Pterocarpus Indicus willd. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Ardley, Julie (2011) Symbiotic specificity and nodulation in the southern African legume clade Lotononis s. l. and description of novel rhizobial species within the Alphaproteobacterial genus Microvirga. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Gerding González, Macarena (2011) Phylogenetic and ecological characterisation of the root nodule bacterias from legumes in the African genus Lessertia. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Hill, Yvette (2015) Investigation of the symbiotic associations of Acacia ligulata Benth. and Acacia tetragonophylla F.Muell: The potential for use in the rehabilitation of excavated sites at Shark Bay Salt Pty. Ltd. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Mwenda, George (2017) Characterization of nitrogen-fixing bacteria from Phaseolus vulgaris L. in Kenya. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Bekuma, Amanuel (2017) Symbiotic Effectiveness, Phylogeny and Genetic Stability of Biserrula pelecinus-nodulating Mesorhizobium sp. isolated from Eritrea and Ethiopia. Professional Doctorate thesis, Murdoch University.

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