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Beatty, Stephen (2005) Translocations of freshwater crayfish: contributions from life histories, trophic relations and diseases of three species in Western Australia. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Chapman, Andrew (2003) Biology of the spotted minnow Galaxias maculatus (Jenyns 1842) (Pisces: Galaxiidae) on the south coast of Western Australia. Masters by Research thesis, Murdoch University.

Phillips, Nicole (2012) Conservation genetics of Pristis sawfishes in Australian waters. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Klunzinger, Michael (2012) Ecology, life history and conservation status of Westralunio carteri IREDALE 1934, an endemic freshwater mussel of South-western Australia. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Whitty, Jeff (2011) Utility of a multi-faceted approach in determining the habitat use of endangered euryhaline elasmobranchs in a remote region of northern Australia. Masters by Research thesis, Murdoch University.

West, Lisa (2013) Diurnal variation in zooplankton communities and its relationship to whale shark (Rhincodon typus) movements at Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia. Honours thesis, Murdoch University.

Ogston, Garry (2015) Implications of climate change on the aestivating Salamanderfish, Lepidogalaxias salamandroides Mees and the Black-stripe Minnow, Galaxiella nigrostriata Shipway. Honours thesis, Murdoch University.

Norman, Bradley (2016) Integrating citizen science and telemetry techniques in understanding the movement patterns of the whale shark (Rhincodon typus). PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Allen, Mark (2016) Barriers to fish migration in drying climates: Contributions from south-western Australia. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

McCredden, Mikayla (2016) Anchors away: The susceptibility and response to infection between native and co-introduced fishes to the alien anchor worm Lernaea cyprinacea. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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