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Chalwell, Shane Thomas Samuel (2003) Plant communities of greenstone hills of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia as analogues for the rehabilitation of rocky waste dumps. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Newman, Belinda (2009) Orchids as Indicators of Ecosystem Health in Urban Bushland Fragments. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Simpson, Gregory (2011) Cracking the niche: An investigation into the impact of climatic variables on germination of the rare shrub Verticordia staminosa subspecies staminosa (Myrtaceae). Honours thesis, Murdoch University.

Schippers, Candice (2011) Plant communities and selected soil seedbank study in an urban bushland with recommendations for management. Honours thesis, Murdoch University.

Crosti, Roberto (2011) Recruitment of Banksia spp. in an anthropogenically disturbed mediterranean climate type woodland in Western Australia. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Gerlach, Mark (2012) The population structure and dynamics of Macrozamia riedlei within the Perth region. Honours thesis, Murdoch University.

Nield, Andrew (2014) The impacts of environmental change on dispersal of large-seeded forest species by the emu. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Eakin-Busher, Emily (2014) The breeding systems of selected Thysanotus species and the influence of floral display size and interspecific pollen transfer on their reproductive success. Honours thesis, Murdoch University.

Waryszak, Pawel (2017) Evaluating emergence, survival, and assembly of Banksia woodland communities to achieve restoration objectives following topsoil transfer. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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