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Abidin, A., Xie, H. and Wong, K.W. (2015) An investigation into accessible web navigation for the blind people. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 10 (2). pp. 407-414.


Abidin, A., Xie, H. and Wong, K.W. (2013) Touch screen with audio feedback: Content analysis and the effect of spatial ability on blind people's sense of position of web pages. In: International Conference on Research and Innovation in Information Systems, ICRIIS 2013, 27 - 28 November, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pp. 548-553.


Zainal Abidin, A.H., Xie, H. and Wong, K.W. (2012) Blind users' mental model of web page using touch screen augmented with audio feedback. In: International Conference on Computer and Information Science, ICCIS 2012 - A Conference of World Engineering, Science and Technology Congress, ESTCON 2012, 12 - 14 June, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pp. 1046-1051.


Zainal Abidin, A.H., Xie, H. and Wong, K.W. (2011) Eliciting mental model of blind people for web page. In: 5th International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology, i-CREATe 2011, 21 - 23 July, Bangkok, Thailand pp. 100-103.

Marzal, J., Xie, H. and Fung, C.C. (2011) Vertex configurations and their relationship on orthogonal pseudo-polyhedra. Proceedings of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 77 . pp. 1-8.

Chit, S.C., Xie, H. and Cole, P. (2011) WINA: A framework to conserve energy in mobile wireless communications. In: 13th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology: Smart Service Innovation through Mobile Interactivity, ICACT 2011, 13 - 16 February, Phoenix Park, Republic of Korea p. 132.

Marzal, J., Xie, H. and Fung, C.C. (2011) An algorithm for splitting an orthogonal polyhedron with an orthogonal polyplane. In: International Conference on Uncertainty Reasoning and Knowledge Engineering, URKE 2011, 4 - 7 August, Bali, Indonesia pp. 102-106.


Chumwatana, T., Wong, K.W. and Xie, H. (2010) A SOM-based document clustering using frequent max substrings for non-segmented texts. Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications, 02 (03). pp. 117-125.


Chumwatana, T., Wong, K.W. and Xie, H. (2009) Non-segmented document clustering using self-organizing map and frequent max substring technique. In: 16th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, ICONIP 2009, 1 - 5 Dec, Bangkok pp. 691-698.

Chumwatana, T., Wong, K.W. and Xie, H. (2009) An automatic indexing technique for Thai texts using frequent max substring. In: 8th International Symposium on Natural Language Processing, SNLP '09, 20 - 22 Oct, Bangkok Thailand pp. 67-72.


Chumwatana, T., Wong, K.W. and Xie, H. (2008) Thai text mining to support Web search for E-commerce. In: 7th International Conference on e-Business 2008 (INCEB 2008), 6 November 2008, Bangkok, Thailand pp. 66-70.


Zheng, W., Khan, S. and Xie, H. (2003) BSP Performance Analysis and Prediction: Tools and Application. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1662 . pp. 313-319.

Chung, K.P., Fung, C.C. and Xie, H. (2003) A Study on Content-based Image Retrieval System for medical applications. In: Proceedings of the 8th Australian and New Zealand Intelligent Information Systems Conference (ANZIIS 2003), 10 - 12 December, Sydney, Australia


Xie, H. and Fung, C.C. (2000) Enhancing the performance of a BSP model-based parallel volume renderer with a profile visualiser. In: TENCON 2000, 24-27 September 2000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pp. 295-298.


Xie, H. and Li, W. (1997) Parallel volume rendering using the BSP model. In: Parallel and Distributed Methods for Image Processing, 27 July, San Diego, CA; USA pp. 274-279.


Li, W., Xie, H. and Attikiouzel, Y. (1994) An efficient method of volume rendering for medical slices. In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 94, 13 - 16 November, Austin, Texas, USA pp. 652-656.

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