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Journal Article

Abidin, A., Xie, H. and Wong, K.W. (2015) An investigation into accessible web navigation for the blind people. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 10 (2). pp. 407-414.

Marzal, J., Xie, H. and Fung, C.C. (2011) Vertex configurations and their relationship on orthogonal pseudo-polyhedra. Proceedings of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 77 . pp. 1-8.

Chumwatana, T., Wong, K.W. and Xie, H. (2010) A SOM-based document clustering using frequent max substrings for non-segmented texts. Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications, 02 (03). pp. 117-125.

Zheng, W., Khan, S. and Xie, H. (2003) BSP Performance Analysis and Prediction: Tools and Application. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1662 . pp. 313-319.

Xie, H. (2000) Efficient volume rendering of 3D medical data on parallel computers. Australian Journal of Intelligent Information Processing Systems, 6 . pp. 6-11.

Conference Paper

Choejey, P., Fung, C.C., Wong, K.W., Murray, D. and Xie, H. (2015) Cybersecurity practices for E-Government: An assessment in Bhutan. In: 10th International Conference on e-Business (iNCEB2015), 23 - 24th November 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Suparwito, H., Xie, H., Fung, C.C. and Rai, S. (2015) Management of internet bandwidth using machine learning technique. In: 2nd Management Innovation Technology International Conference (MITiCON2015), 16 - 18 November 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Roumani, M.A., Fung, C.C., Rai, S. and Xie, H. (2015) Value analysis of cyber security based on attack types. In: 2nd Management Innovation Technology International Conference (MITiCON2015), 16 - 18 November 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Abidin, A., Xie, H. and Wong, K.W. (2013) Touch screen with audio feedback: Content analysis and the effect of spatial ability on blind people's sense of position of web pages. In: International Conference on Research and Innovation in Information Systems, ICRIIS 2013, 27 - 28 November, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pp. 548-553.

Zainal Abidin, A.H., Xie, H. and Wong, K.W. (2012) Blind users' mental model of web page using touch screen augmented with audio feedback. In: International Conference on Computer and Information Science, ICCIS 2012 - A Conference of World Engineering, Science and Technology Congress, ESTCON 2012, 12 - 14 June, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pp. 1046-1051.

Zainal Abidin, A.H., Xie, H. and Wong, K.W. (2011) Eliciting mental model of blind people for web page. In: 5th International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology, i-CREATe 2011, 21 - 23 July, Bangkok, Thailand pp. 100-103.

Chit, S.C., Xie, H. and Cole, P. (2011) WINA: A framework to conserve energy in mobile wireless communications. In: 13th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology: Smart Service Innovation through Mobile Interactivity, ICACT 2011, 13 - 16 February, Phoenix Park, Republic of Korea p. 132.

Marzal, J., Xie, H. and Fung, C.C. (2011) An algorithm for splitting an orthogonal polyhedron with an orthogonal polyplane. In: International Conference on Uncertainty Reasoning and Knowledge Engineering, URKE 2011, 4 - 7 August, Bali, Indonesia pp. 102-106.

Chumwatana, T., Wong, K.W. and Xie, H. (2009) Non-segmented document clustering using self-organizing map and frequent max substring technique. In: 16th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, ICONIP 2009, 1 - 5 Dec, Bangkok pp. 691-698.

Chumwatana, T., Wong, K.W. and Xie, H. (2009) An automatic indexing technique for Thai texts using frequent max substring. In: 8th International Symposium on Natural Language Processing, SNLP '09, 20 - 22 Oct, Bangkok Thailand pp. 67-72.

Chumwatana, T., Wong, K.W. and Xie, H. (2008) Thai text mining to support Web search for E-commerce. In: 7th International Conference on e-Business 2008 (INCEB 2008), 6 November 2008, Bangkok, Thailand pp. 66-70.

Chung, K.P., Fung, C.C. and Xie, H. (2003) A Study on Content-based Image Retrieval System for medical applications. In: Proceedings of the 8th Australian and New Zealand Intelligent Information Systems Conference (ANZIIS 2003), 10 - 12 December, Sydney, Australia

Xie, H. (2000) Detecting the load imbalance of BSP programs on the Multi-User workstation clusters: A case study. In: 7th Australasian Conference on Parallel and Real-time Systems (PART 2000), 29 - 30 November 2000, Sydney, Australia

Xie, H. and Fung, C.C. (2000) Enhancing the performance of a BSP model-based parallel volume renderer with a profile visualiser. In: TENCON 2000, 24-27 September 2000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pp. 295-298.

Xie, H. (2000) The design and implementation of BSP computation and synchronisation graphs for internet computing. In: 3rd Western Australian Workshop on Information Systems Research, 27th November 2000, Perth, W.A

Xie, H. (1998) Slit-light ray tracing of medical slices on multiple processors: The BSP approach. In: 21st Australian Computer Science Conference (ACSC '98), 4 - 6 February 1998, Perth, Western Australia

Xie, H. and Li, W. (1997) Parallel volume rendering using the BSP model. In: Parallel and Distributed Methods for Image Processing, 27 July, San Diego, CA; USA pp. 274-279.

Li, W., Xie, H. and Attikiouzel, Y. (1994) An efficient method of volume rendering for medical slices. In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 94, 13 - 16 November, Austin, Texas, USA pp. 652-656.

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