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Wilson, S., Cribb, R., Trefalt, B. and Aszkielowicz, D. (2017) Japanese War criminals: The politics of justice after the Second World War. Columbia University Press, New York.


Wilson, S. (2016) The shifting politics of guilt: The campaign for the release of Japanese war criminals. In: Kushner, B. and Muminov, S., (eds.) The Dismantling of Japan's Empire in East Asia. Taylor & Francis, pp. 87-106.


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Wilson, S. (2002) Nation and Nationalism in Japan. RoutledgeCurzon, Abingdon, Oxon.

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Wilson, S. (2001) Book Review: Carolyn Brewer and Anne-Marie Medcalf (eds) Researching the Fragments: Histories of Women in the Asian Context Quezon City: New Day Publishers, 2000 ISBN 971-10-1037-2, paperback. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific (5).

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Wilson, S. (1999) The Russo-Japanese War and Japan: Politics, Nationalism and Historical Memory. In: Wells, D. and Wilson, S., (eds.) The Russo-Japanese War in Cultural Perspective, 1904-05. Macmillan Press LTD, London, England, pp. 160-193.

Wilson, S. and Wells, D. (1999) The Russo-Japanese War in cultural perspective, 1904-05. Macmillan Press LTD, London, England.


Wilson, S. (1998) Book Review: Vera Mackie Creating Socialist Women in Japan: Gender, Labour and Activism, 1900-1937 Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1997, 252 pp, hard cover, $59.95. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific (1).

Wilson, S. (1998) Book review: VERA MACKIE. Creating Socialist Women in Japan: gender, Labour and Activism, 1900-1937. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press , 1997. 25 2 pp. $59.95, hardcover. Asian Studies Review, 22 (3). pp. 389-426.

Wilson, S. (1998) Bureaucrats and villagers in Japan: Shimin and the crisis of the early 1930s. Social Science Japan Journal, 1 (1). pp. 121-140.

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