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Uddin, K.M., Poirier, R.A. and Henry, D.J. (2017) Investigation of mono-, bis- and tris-glycinatochromium(III): Comparisons of computational and experimental results. Polyhedron, 130 . pp. 81-93.

Uddin, K.M., Habib, A.M. and Henry, D.J. (2017) Investigation of the Spectroscopic, Thermal and Electrochemical Properties of Tris-(glycinato)chromium(III). ChemistrySelect, 2 (5). pp. 1950-1958.

Uddin, K.M, Henry, D.J., Alrawashdeh, A. I., Warburton, P.L. and Poirier, R.A. (2017) Mechanism for the deamination of ammeline, guanine, and their analogues. Structural Chemistry, 28 (5). pp. 1467-1477.

Kabir, Hu., Rahman, M.M., Uddin, K.M. and Bhuiyan, A.H. (2017) Structural, morphological, compositional and optical studies of plasma polymerized 2-furaldehyde amorphous thin films. Applied Surface Science, 423 . pp. 983-994.

Uddin, K.M., Henry, D.J., Poirier, R.A. and Warburton, P.L. (2016) Calculated bond dissociation energies and enthalpy of formation of α-amino acid radicals. Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 135 (9).

Uddin, K.M. and Henry, D.J. (2016) Further theoretical studies of the aquation of Chromium(III) Chloride Nutritional Supplement: Effect of pH and solvation. ChemistrySelect, 1 (16). pp. 5236-5249.

Uddin, K.M., Poirier, R.A. and Henry, D.J. (2016) Mechanistic study of the aquation of nutritional supplement chromium chloride and other chromium(III) dihalides. Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, 1084 . pp. 88-97.

Almatarneh, M.H., Abu-Saleh, A.A-A.A., Uddin, K.M., Poirier, R.A. and Warburton, P.L. (2016) A computational mechanistic study of the deamination reaction of melamine. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 117 (3). pp. 180-189.

Uddin, K.M., Ralph, D. and Henry, D.J. (2015) Mechanistic investigation of halopentaaquachromium(III) complexes: Comparison of computational and experimental results. Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, 1070 . pp. 152-161.


Uddin, K.M. (2017) Investigation of the Substitution Reaction Pathways of Antidiabetic Chromium(III) Supplements. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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