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Tschochner, M., Strautins, K., James, I., Leary, S., Choo, L., Clark, H., Dunn, D., Chopra, A., Cooper, D., Kermode, A., Carroll, W. and Nolan, D. (2016) Contribution of EBV infection to Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenesis: Human leukocyte antigen restricted, EBV epitope-specific T cell responses in Multiple Sclerosis. In: Science on the Swan 2016, 2 - 5 May 2016, Perth, Western Australia.

Tschochner, M., Leary, S., Cooper, D., Strautins, K., Chopra, A., Clark, H., Choo, L., Dunn, D., James, I., Carroll, W.M., Kermode, A.G. and Nolan, D. (2016) Identifying Patient-Specific Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen-1 genetic variation and potential autoreactive targets relevant to multiple sclerosis pathogenesis. PloS one, 11 (2).


Strautins, K., Tschochner, M., James, I., Choo, L., Dunn, D., Pedrini, M., Kermode, A., Carroll, W. and Nolan, D. (2014) Combining HLA-DR risk alleles and anti-Epstein-Barr virus antibody profiles to stratify multiple sclerosis risks. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 20 (3). pp. 286-294.


Nolan, D., Castley, A., Tschochner, M., James, I., Qiu, W., Sayer, D., Christiansen, F.T., Witt, C., Mastaglia, F., Carroll, W. and Kermode, A. (2012) Contributions of vitamin D response elements and HLA promoters to multiple sclerosis risk. Neurology, 79 (6). pp. 538-546.

Keane, N.M., Roberts, S.G., Almeida, C.M., Krishnan, T., Chopra, A., Demaine, E., Laird, R., Tschochner, M., Carlson, J.M., Mallal, S., Heckerman, D., James, I. and John, M. (2012) High-avidity, high-IFNγ-producing CD8 T-cell responses following immune selection during HIV-1 infection. Immunology and Cell Biology, 90 (2). pp. 224-234.


Tschochner, M., Rohrbach, J., Cooper, D., Merani, S., Chopra, A., Witteck, A., Battegay, M., Furrer, H., Günthard, H., Mallal, S., Rauch, A. and Gaudieri, S. (2010) Characterisation of hepatitis C virus evolution in HIV/HCV coinfected individuals using deep sequencing technology: Relevance for new antiviral drugs and disease outcome. In: 22nd Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine, 20 - 22 October 2010, Sydney, Australia


Tschochner, M., Chopra, A., Maiden, T.M., Ahmad, I.F., James, I., Furrer, H., Günthard, H., Mallal, S., Rauch, A. and John, M. (2009) Effects of HIV type-1 immune selection on susceptability to integrase inhibitor resistance. Antiviral Therapy, 14 (7). pp. 953-964.

Tschochner, M., James, I., Almeida, C., Keane, N., Roberts, S., Bronke, C., Chopra, A., Maiden, T., Ahmad, I., Gaudieri, S., Mallal, S., Rauch, A., John, M., Furrer, H. and Günthard, H. (2009) Effects of HIV-1 immune selection on susceptability to integrase inhibitor resistance. In: 12th European AIDS Conference (EACS) 2009, 11 - 14 November 2009, Cologne, Germany.


Tschochner, M., Chopra, A., Ahmad, I., Fordham, M., Mallal, S. and John, M. (2008) Naturally occurring polymorphisms in HIV-1 integrase: Relationship to HIV subtype, integrase inhibitor resistance and immune selection. In: 20th Annual Australasian Society for HIV Medicine Conference, 17 - 20 September, Perth, Western Australia

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