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Journal Article

Rinaldi, C., Penhale, W.J., Stumbles, P.A., Tay, G. and Berry, C.M. (2014) Modulation of innate immune responses by influenza-specific ovine polyclonal antibodies used for prophylaxis. PLoS ONE, 9 (2).

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Conference Paper

Capozzalo, M.M., Kim, J.C., Htoo, J.K., de Lange, C.F.M., Mullan, B.P., Resink, J.W., Hansen, C.F., Stumbles, P.A., Hampson, D.J., Ferguson, N. and Pluske, J.R. (2013) Pigs kept under commercial conditions respond to a higher dietary tryptophan: lysine ratio immediately after weaning. In: Manipulating Pig Production XIV. Proceedings of the 14th Australasian Pig Science Association (APSA) Biennial Conference, 24 - 27 November, Melbourne, Australia p. 91.

Zosky, G.R., Larcombe, A.N., Burchell, J.T., Wikstrom, M.E., Stumbles, P.A., Sly, P.D. and Turner, D.J. (2008) Airway hyperresponsiveness in mouse models of asthma is associated with activated T cells in the airways. In: TSANZ & ANZSRS Annual Scientific Meetings, 28 March - 2 April, Melbourne, Australia

Burchell, J., Wikström, M., Turner, D., Sly, P. and Stumbles, P. (2008) Regulatory cells and dendritic cells can attenuate allergen-induced airway hyperresponsiveness. In: TSANZ & ANZSRS Annual Scientific Meetings, 28 March - 2 April, Melbourne, Australia

James, C.M., Lisciandro, J., Gerlach, N., Dittmer, U. and Stumbles, P.A. (2007) Interferon-alpha subtypes differentially enhance dendritic cell biology. In: International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research, Interferon Anniversary Meeting, 16 - 19 September, Oxford, England

Conference Item

Jayasekera, N.S., Armson, A. and Stumbles, P.A. (2007) The effect of Ross River virus (RRV) infection on the regulation of apoptosis. In: ASMR Medical Research Week, 1 - 8 June 2007, Perth, W.A..

Book Chapter

Stumbles, P.A., Andrus, P. and von Garnier, C. (2013) Chronic Asthma. In: Chang, E. and Johnson, A., (eds.) Chronic Illness and Disability: Principles for Nursing Practice, 2nd edition. Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, Chatswood, N.S.W, pp. 351-370.

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