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Journal Article

Sim, L.L., Davis, J.A., Strehlow, K., McGuire, M., Trayler, K.M., Wild, S., Papas, P. J. and O'Connor, J. (2013) The influence of changing hydroregime on the invertebrate communities of temporary seasonal wetlands. Freshwater Science, 32 (1). pp. 327-342.

Sim, L.L., Chambers, J.M. and Davis, J.A. (2006) Ecological regime shifts in salinised wetland systems. I. Salinity thresholds for the loss of submerged macrophytes. Hydrobiologia, 573 (1). pp. 89-107.

Sim, L.L., Davis, J.A. and Chambers, J.M. (2006) Ecological regime shifts in salinised wetland systems. II. Factors affecting the dominance of benthic microbial communities. Hydrobiologia, 573 (1). pp. 109-131.

Sim, L.L., Davis, J.A., Chambers, J.M. and Strehlow, K. (2006) What evidence exists for alternative ecological regimes in salinising wetlands? Freshwater Biology, 51 (7). pp. 1229-1248.

Strehlow, K., Davis, J., Sim, L.L., Chambers, J., Halse, S., Hamilton, D., Horwitz, P., McComb, A. and Froend, R. (2005) Temporal changes between ecological regimes in a range of primary and secondary salinised wetlands. Hydrobiologia, 552 (1). pp. 17-31.

Davis, J.A., McGuire, M., Halse, S.A., Hamilton, D., Horwitz, P., McComb, A.J., Froend, R.H., Lyons, M. and Sim, L. (2003) What happens when you add salt: Predicting impacts of secondary salinisation on shallow aquatic ecosystems by using an alternative-states model. Australian Journal of Botany, 51 (6). pp. 715-724.

Book Chapter

Sim, L., Davis, J., Chambers, J. and Strehlow, K. (2007) Understanding thresholds in the transition from saline to hypersaline aquatic ecosystems: south-west Western Australia. In: Salt, Nutrient, Sediment and Interactions: Findings from the National River Contaminants Program. Land and Water Australia, Canberra, Australia, pp. 29-40.


Sim, Lien (2005) Transitions between ecological regimes in salinising wetlands. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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