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Journal Article

Das, S., Behera, S.S., Murmu, B.M., Mohapatra, R.K., Mandal, D., Samantray, R., Parhi, P.K. and Senanayake, G. (2018) Extraction of Scandium (III) from acidic solutions using organo-phosphoric acid reagents: A comparative study. Separation and Purification Technology, 202 . pp. 248-258.

Makuei, F.M. and Senanayake, G. (2018) Extraction of tellurium from lead and copper bearing feed materials and interim metallurgical products – A short review. Minerals Engineering, 115 . pp. 79-87.

Kianinia, Y., Hnědkovský, L., Senanayake, G., Akilan, C., Khalesi, M.R., Abdollahy, M., Darban, A.K. and Hefter, G. (2018) Heat Capacities of Aqueous Solutions of K4Fe(CN)6, K3Fe(CN)6, K3Co(CN)6, K2Ni(CN)4, and KAg(CN)2 at 298.15 K. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 63 (5). pp. 1773-1779.

Kianinia, Y., Khalesi, M., Abdollahy, M., Hefter, G., Senanayake, G., Hnědkovský, L., Khodadadi Darban, A. and Shahbazi, M. (2018) Predicting cyanide consumption in gold leaching: A kinetic and thermodynamic modeling approach. Minerals, 8 (3).

Demol, J., Ho, E. and Senanayake, G. (2018) Sulfuric acid baking and leaching of rare earth elements, thorium and phosphate from a monazite concentrate: Effect of bake temperature from 200 to 800 °C. Hydrometallurgy, 179 . pp. 254-267.

Sitando, O., Senanayake, G., Dai, X., Nikoloski, A.N. and Breuer, P. (2018) A review of factors affecting gold leaching in non-ammoniacal thiosulfate solutions including degradation and in-situ generation of thiosulfate. Hydrometallurgy, 178 . pp. 151-175.

Le, M.N., Lee, M.S. and Senanayake, G. (2018) A short review of the separation of iridium and rhodium from hydrochloric acid solutions by solvent extraction. Journal of Solution Chemistry . In Press.

Senanayake, G. and Muir, D.M. (2017) Erratum to “Studies on the liquid junction potential corrections of electrolytes at aqueous + mixed solvent boundaries” [J. Electroanal. Chem., 237 (1987) 149–162]. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 808 . p. 474.

Samal, R., Dash, B., Sarangi, C., Sanjay, K., Subbaiah, T., Senanayake, G. and Minakshi, M. (2017) Influence of synthesis temperature on the growth and surface morphology of Co3O4 Nanocubes for supercapacitor applications. Nanomaterials, 7 (11).

Truong, H.T., Lee, M.S. and Senanayake, G. (2017) Separation of Pt(IV), Rh(III) and Fe(III) in acid chloride leach solutions of glass scraps by solvent extraction with various extractants. Hydrometallurgy . In Press.

Burtt, C.M. and Senanayake, G. (2016) Effect of reductants and stabilizers on ageing of gold nanoparticles at pH2–12 and application of nano-gold to study non-cyanide leaching in sodium hypochlorite/chloride solutions using UV–Visible spectroscopy. Hydrometallurgy, 164 . pp. 166-176.

Thompson, G., Churach, D., Seymour, K., Senanayake, G., Nikoloski, A., Kelly, S. and Avraamides, J. (2016) Minerals education in high schools in Western Australia – A Rio Tinto initiative. AusIMM Bulletin (2).

Stone, K., Bandara, A.M.T.S., Senanayake, G. and Jayasekera, S. (2016) Processing of rare earth phosphate concentrates: A comparative study of pre-leaching with perchloric, hydrochloric, nitric and phosphoric acids and deportment of minor/major elements. Hydrometallurgy, 163 . pp. 137-147.

Senanayake, G., Jayasekera, S., Bandara, A.M.T.S., Königsberger, E., Königsberger, L.C. and Kyle, J. (2016) Rare earth metal ion solubility in sulphate-phosphate solutions of pH range −0.5 to 5.0 relevant to processing fluorapatite rich concentrates: Effect of calcium, aluminium, iron and sodium ions and temperature up to 80°C. Minerals Engineering, 98 . pp. 169-176.

Joo, S-H, Shin, D.J., Oh, C.H., Wang, J-P, Senanayake, G. and Shin, S.M. (2016) Selective extraction and separation of nickel from cobalt, manganese and lithium in pre-treated leach liquors of ternary cathode material of spent lithium-ion batteries using synergism caused by Versatic 10 acid and LIX 84-I. Hydrometallurgy, 159 . pp. 65-74.

Hans, R., Senanayake, G., Dharmasiri, L.C.S., Mathes, J.A.P. and Kim, D.J. (2016) A preliminary batch study of sorption kinetics of Cr(VI) ions from aqueous solutions by a magnetic ion exchange (MIEX®) resin and determination of film/pore diffusivity. Hydrometallurgy, 164 . pp. 208-218.

Zhang, X.M. and Senanayake, G. (2016) A review of ammoniacal thiosulfate leaching of gold: An update useful for further research in Non-cyanide gold lixiviants. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, 37 (6). pp. 385-411.

Bandara, A.M.T.S. and Senanayake, G. (2015) Leachability of rare-earth, calcium and minor metal ions from natural Fluorapatite in perchloric, hydrochloric, nitric and phosphoric acid solutions: Effect of proton activity and anion participation. Hydrometallurgy, 153 . pp. 179-189.

Delgado, D., Minakshi, M., Senanayake, G. and Kim, D-J (2015) Modified electrolytic manganese dioxide (MEMD) for oxygen generation in alkaline medium. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 19 (4). pp. 1133-1142.

Senanayake, G., Das, G.K., de Lange, A., Li, J. and Robinson, D.J. (2015) Reductive atmospheric acid leaching of lateritic smectite/nontronite ores in H2SO4/Cu(II)/SO2 solutions. Hydrometallurgy, 152 . pp. 44-54.

Yin, C-Y, Ng, M-F, Saunders, M., Goh, B.M., Senanayake, G., Sherwood, A. and Hampton, M. (2014) New insights into the adsorption of aurocyanide ion on activated carbon surface: Electron microscopy analysis and computational studies using fullerene-like models. Langmuir, 30 (26). pp. 7703-7709.

Parhi, P.K., Park, K.H. and Senanayake, G. (2013) A kinetic study on hydrochloric acid leaching of nickel from Ni–Al2O3 spent catalyst. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 19 (2). pp. 589-594.

Senanayake, G. (2012) Gold leaching by copper(II) in ammoniacal thiosulphate solutions in the presence of additives. Part I: A review of the effect of hard–soft and Lewis acid-base properties and interactions of ions. Hydrometallurgy, 115-116 . pp. 1-20.

Senanayake, G. and Zhang, X.M. (2012) Gold leaching by copper(II) in ammoniacal thiosulphate solutions in the presence of additives. Part II: Effect of residual Cu(II), pH and redox potentials on reactivity of colloidal gold. Hydrometallurgy, 115-116 . pp. 21-29.

Senanayake, G. (2011) Acid leaching of metals from deep-sea manganese nodules – A critical review of fundamentals and applications. Minerals Engineering, 24 (13). pp. 1379-1396.

Poinern, G.E.J., Senanayake, G., Shah, N., Thi-Le, X.N., Parkinson, G.M. and Fawcett, D. (2011) Adsorption of the aurocyanide, complex on granular activated carbons derived from macadamia nut shells – A preliminary study. Minerals Engineering, 24 (15). pp. 1694-1702.

Nam, Y.I., Seo, S.Y., Kang, Y-C, Kim, M.J., Senanayake, G. and Tran, T. (2011) Purification of molybdenum trioxide calcine by selective leaching of copper with HCl–NH4Cl. Hydrometallurgy, 109 (1-2). pp. 9-17.

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Kang, J., Sohn, J., Chang, H., Senanayake, G. and Shin, S.M. (2010) Preparation of cobalt oxide from concentrated cathode material of spent lithium ion batteries by hydrometallurgical method. Advanced Powder Technology, 21 (2). pp. 175-179.

Kang, J., Senanayake, G., Sohn, J. and Shin, S.M. (2010) Recovery of cobalt sulfate from spent lithium ion batteries by reductive leaching and solvent extraction with Cyanex 272. Hydrometallurgy, 100 (3-4). pp. 168-171.

Park, Y.Y., Tran, T., Lee, Y.H., Nam, Y.I., Senanayake, G. and Kim, M.J. (2010) Selective removal of arsenic(V) from a molybdate plant liquor by precipitation of magnesium arsenate. Hydrometallurgy, 104 (2). pp. 290-297.

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Conference Paper

Sitando, O., Dai, X., Senanayake, G. and Nikoloski, A.N. (2015) Gold dissolution in non-ammoniacal thiosulphate solutions: Comparison of fundamentals and leaching studies. In: World Gold Conference 2015, 29 September - 1 October 2015, Misty Hills Conference Centre, Johannesburg

Senanayake, G., Kyle, J., Hunt, S., Stone, K., Perera, N. and Jayasekera, S. (2014) Precipitation of calcium phosphate from hydrochloric acid leach liquor of a rare earth concentrate. In: 7th International Symposium - Hydrometallurgy (HYDRO) 2014, 22 - 25 June 2014, Victoria, BC, Canada

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