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Mackin, K.E., Elliott, B., Kotsanas, D., Howden, B.P., Carter, G.P., Korman, T.M., Riley, T.V., Rood, J.I., Jenkin, G.A. and Lyras, D. (2015) Molecular characterization and antimicrobial susceptibilities of Clostridium difficile clinical isolates from Victoria, Australia. Anaerobe, 34 . pp. 80-83.


Hampson, D., Nagaraja, T., Kennan, R. and Rood, J. (2010) Gram-negative anaerobes. In: Gyles, C.L., Prescott, J.F., Songer, G. and Thoen, C.O., (eds.) Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals, 4th edition. Wiley-Blackwell, Ames, Iowa, pp. 513-526.


Yap, K.W., Thompson, R.C.A., Rood, J.I. and Pawlowski, I.D. (1987) Taenia hydatigena: Isolation of mitochondrial DNA, molecular cloning, and physical mitochondrial genome mapping. Experimental Parasitology, 63 (3). pp. 288-294.


Boulos, S. and Rood, J.I. (1986) Molecular cloning of the fimbrial subunit gene from a benign type B isolate of Bacteroides nodosus. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 33 (1). pp. 73-78.


Abraham, L.J. and Rood, J.I. (1985) Cloning and analysis of the Clostridium perfringens tetracycline resistance plasmid, pCW3. Plasmid, 13 (3). pp. 155-162.

Abraham, L.J. and Rood, J.I. (1985) Molecular analysis of transferable tetracycline resistance plasmids from Clostridium perfringens. Journal of Bacteriology, 161 (2). pp. 636-640.

Abraham, L.J., Wales, A.J. and Rood, J.I. (1985) Worldwide distribution of the conjugative Clostridium perfringens tetracycline resistance plasmid, pCW3. Plasmid, 14 (1). pp. 37-46.


Rood, J.I. and Gawthorne, J.M. (1984) Apple software for analysis of the size of restriction fragments. Nucleic Acids Research, 12 (1Part2). pp. 689-694.


Kibenge, F.S., Rood, J.I. and Wilcox, G.E. (1983) Lysogeny and other characteristics of Staphylococcus hyicus isolated from chickens. Veterinary Microbiology, 8 (4). pp. 411-5.

Rood, J.I. (1983) Transferable tetracycline resistance in Clostridium perfringens strains of porcine origin. Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 29 (10). pp. 1241-1246.

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