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Abernethy, M. and Rai, S.M. (2013) An innovative fingerprint feature representation method to facilitate authentication using neural networks. In: 20th International Conferenceon Neural Information Processing (ICONIP) 2013, 3 - 7 November 2013, Daegau, Korea.


Narayanasamy, V., Wong, K.W., Rai, S. and Chiou, A. (2010) Complex game design modeling. In: 2nd IFIP TC 14 Entertainment Computing Symposium , 20 - 23 September, Brisbane, Queensland.

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Wong, K.W. and Rai, S. (2008) An unusual educational game: Learning to communicate? In: 1st Annual International Conference on Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technology (CGAT 08), 28 - 30 April, Singapore.


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Grewal, A., Rai, S., Phillips, R. and Fung, C.C. (2004) A web services-based integrated e-learning infrastructure framework. In: 5th International We-B Conference, 25-26 November 2004, Perth, W.A.

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