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Prince, J., Hordyk, A., Valencia, S.R., Loneragan, N. and Sainsbury, K. (2014) Revisiting the concept of Beverton -Holt life-history invariants with the aim of informing data-poor fisheries assessment. ICES Journal of Marine Science, In press .

Hordyk, A., Ono, K., Sainsbury, K., Loneragan, N. and Prince, J. (2014) Some explorations of the life history ratios to describe length composition, spawning-per-recruit, and the spawning potential ratio. ICES Journal of Marine Science, In Press .

Hordyk, A., Ono, K., Valencia, S., Loneragan, N. and Prince, J. (2014) A novel length-based empirical estimation method of spawning potential ratio (SPR), and tests of its performance, for small-scale, data-poor fisheries. ICES Journal of Marine Science, In Press .

Prince, J.D. (2013) Cost–benefit analysis of alternative techniques for rehabilitating abalone reefs depleted by abalone viral ganglioneuritis. Reviews in Fisheries Science, 21 (3-4). pp. 375-387.

Hordyk, A.R., Loneragan, N.R., Diver, G. and Prince, J.D. (2011) A cost-effective alternative for assessing the size of deep-water fish aggregations. Marine and Freshwater Research, 62 (5). pp. 480-490.

Prince, J.D., Loneragan, N.R. and Okey, T.A. (2008) Contraction of the banana prawn (Penaeus merguiensis) fishery of Albatross Bay in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia. Marine and Freshwater Research, 59 (5). pp. 383-390.

Prince, J.D. and Potter, I.C. (1983) Life-cycle duration, growth and spawning times of five species of atherinidae (Teleostei) found in a Western Australian estuary. Marine and Freshwater Research, 34 (2). pp. 287-301.

Prince, J.D., Ivantsoff, W. and Potter, I.C. (1982) Atherinosoma wallacei, a new species of estuarine and inland water silverside (Teleostei : Atherinidae) from the Swan-Avon and Murray rivers, Western Australia. Australian Zoologist, 21 . pp. 63-74.

Prince, J.D., Potter, I.C., Lenanton, R.C.J. and Loneragan, N.R. (1982) Segregation and feeding of atherinid species (Teleostei) in south-western Australian estuaries. Marine and Freshwater Research, 33 (5). pp. 865-880.


Prince, J.D. and Loneragan, N.R. (2012) Assessing fishing seasons for red-leg banana prawns in the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf and future directions for collaborative research for NPF Industry Pty Ltd. Murdoch University and Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Murdoch, Western Australia.

Hesp, A., Loneragan, N.R., Hall, N., Kobryn, H., Hart, A.M., Fabris, F.P. and Prince, J. (2008) Biomass and commercial catch estimates for abalone stocks in areas proposed as sanctuary zones for the Capes Marine Park. WA Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories, North Beach, Western Australia.

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