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Journal Article

Peiffer, J., Abbiss, C.R., Sultana, F., Bernard, T. and Brisswalter, J. (2016) Comparison of the influence of age on cycling efficiency and the energy cost of running in well-trained triathletes. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 116 (1). pp. 195-201.

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Abbiss, C., Peiffer, J.J., Wall, B.A., Martin, D. and Laursen, P. (2009) Influence of Starting Strategy on Cycling Time Trial Performance in the Heat. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 30 (03). pp. 188-193.

Non-refereed Article

Peiffer, J.J. (2012) Beat surrender: Using heart rate to monitor fitness and training. The Conversation, 17 December .

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