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Journal Article

Wickham, S.L., Collins, T., Barnes, A.L., Miller, D.W., Beatty, D.T., Stockman, C.A., Blache, D., Wemelsfelder, F. and Fleming, P.A. (2015) Validating the use of qualitative behavioral assessment as a measure of the welfare of sheep during transport. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 18 (3). pp. 269-286.

Stockman, C.A., Collins, T., Barnes, A.L., Miller, D., Wickham, S.L., Verbeek, E., Matthews, L., Ferguson, D., Wemelsfelder, F. and Fleming, P.A. (2014) Qualitative behavioural assessment of the motivation for feed in sheep in response to altered body condition score. Animal Production Science, 54 (7). pp. 922-929.

Morgan, T., Pluske, J., Miller, D., Collins, T., Barnes, A.L., Wemelsfelder, F. and Fleming, P.A. (2014) Socialising piglets in lactation positively affects their post-weaning behaviour. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 158 . pp. 23-33.

Stockman, C.A., Collins, T., Barnes, A.L., Miller, D., Wickham, S.L., Beatty, D.T., Blache, D., Wemelsfelder, F. and Fleming, P.A. (2013) Flooring and driving conditions during road transport influence the behavioural expression of cattle. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 143 (1). pp. 18-30.

Golder, H.M., Celi, P., Rabiee, A.R., Heuer, C., Bramley, E., Miller, D.W., King, R. and Lean, I.J. (2012) Effects of grain, fructose, and histidine on ruminal pH and fermentation products during an induced subacute acidosis protocol. Journal of Dairy Science, 95 (4). pp. 1971-1982.

Ng, J.S.Y., Eastwood, K., Walker, B., Durrheim, D.N., Massey, P.D., Porigneaux, P., Kemp, R., McKinnon, B., Laurie, K., Miller, D., Bramley, E. and Ryan, U. (2012) Evidence of Cryptosporidium transmission between cattle and humans in northern New South Wales. Experimental Parasitology, 130 (4). pp. 437-441.

Stockman, C.A., McGilchrist, P., Collins, T., Barnes, A.L., Miller, D., Wickham, S.L., Greenwood, P.L., Cafe, L.M., Blache, D., Wemelsfelder, F. and Fleming, P.A. (2012) Qualitative Behavioural Assessment of Angus steers during pre-slaughter handling and relationship with temperament and physiological responses. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 142 (3-4). pp. 125-133.

Wickham, S.L., Collins, T., Barnes, A.L., Miller, D.W., Beatty, D.T., Stockman, C., Blache, D., Wemelsfelder, F. and Fleming, P.A. (2012) Qualitative behavioral assessment of transport-naive and transport-habituated sheep. Journal of Animal Science, 90 (12). pp. 4523-4535.

Miller, D.W., Bennett, E.J., Harrison, J.L., Findlay, P.A. and Adam, C.L. (2011) Adiposity and plane of nutrition influence reproductive neuroendocrine and appetite responses to intracerebroventricular insulin and neuropeptide-Y in sheep. Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 23 (2). pp. 329-338.

Stockman, C.A., Collins, T., Barnes, A.L., Miller, D.W., Wickham, S.L., Beatty, D.T., Blache, D., Wemelsfelder, F. and Fleming, P.A. (2011) Qualitative behavioural assessment and quantitative physiological measurement of cattle naïve and habituated to road transport. Animal Production Science, 51 (3). pp. 240-249.

Lealiifano, A.K., Pluske, J.R., Nicholls, R.R., Dunshea, F.R., Campbell, R.G., Hennessy, D.P., Miller, D.W., Hansen, C.F. and Mullan, B.P. (2011) Reducing the length of time between slaughter and the secondary gonadotropin-releasing factor immunization improves growth performance and clears boar taint compounds in male finishing pigs. Journal of Animal Science, 89 (9). pp. 2782-2792.

Nice, P. A., Fleming, P.A., Bennett, N.C., Bateman, P.W. and Miller, D.W. (2010) Exposure to non-kin females rapidly affects testicular morphology in non-reproductive male Damaraland mole-rats. Journal of Zoology, 282 (2). pp. 84-90.

Martin, G.B., Blache, D., Miller, D.W. and Vercoe, P.E. (2010) Interactions between nutrition and reproduction in the management of the mature male ruminant. Animal, 4 (07). pp. 1214-1226.

Celi, P., Miller, D.W., Blache, D. and Martin, G.B. (2010) Interactions between nutritional and opioidergic pathways in the control of LH secretion in male sheep. Animal Reproduction Science, 117 (1-2). pp. 67-73.

Fowler, P.A., Dora, N.J., McFerran, H., Amezaga, M.R., Miller, D.W., Lea, R.G., Cash, P., McNeilly, A.S., Evans, N.P., Cotinot, C., Sharpe, R.M. and Rhind, S.M. (2008) In utero exposure to low doses of environmental pollutants disrupts fetal ovarian development in sheep. Molecular Human Reproduction, 14 (5). pp. 269-280.

Rahman, A., Duncan, A.J., Miller, D.W., Clemens, J., Frutos, P., Gordon, I.J., Rehman, A-U, Baig, A., Ali, F. and Wright, I.A. (2008) Livestock feed resources, production and management in the agro-pastoral system of the Hindu Kush – Karakoram – Himalayan region of Pakistan: The effect of accessibility. Agricultural Systems, 96 (1-3). pp. 26-36.

Roche, J.R., Blache, D., Kay, J.K., Miller, D.R., Sheahan, A.J. and Miller, D.W. (2008) Neuroendocrine and physiological regulation of intake with particular reference to domesticated ruminant animals. Nutrition Research Reviews, 21 (02). pp. 207-234.

Harrison, J.L., Miller, D.W., Findlay, P.A. and Adam, C.L. (2008) Photoperiod influences the central effects of ghrelin on food intake, GH and LH secretion in sheep. Neuroendocrinology, 87 (3). pp. 182-192.

Miller, D.W., Harrison, J.L., Bennett, E.J., Findlay, P.A. and Adam, C.L. (2007) Nutritional Influences on Reproductive Neuroendocrine Output: Insulin, Leptin, and Orexigenic Neuropeptide Signaling in the Ovine Hypothalamus. Endocrinology, 148 (11). pp. 5313-5322.

Harrison, J.L., Adam, C.L., Brown, Yvonne A, Wallace, Jacqueline M, Aitken, Raymond P, Lea, R.G. and Miller, D.W. (2007) An immunohistochemical study of the localization and developmental expression of ghrelin and its functional receptor in the ovine placenta. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 5 (25).

Ferrari, J.M., Pluske, J.R., Miller, D.W., Clarke, I.J. and Dunshea, F.R. (2007) Oxytocin reduces the stress of weaning and increases gastric expression of ghrelin and leptin in neonatal pigs. The FASEB Journal, 21 . p. 320.

Adam, C.L., Findlay, P.A. and Miller, D.W. (2006) Blood-brain leptin transport and appetite and reproductive neuroendocrine responses to intracerebroventricular leptin injection in sheep: Influence of photoperiod. Endocrinology, 147 (10). pp. 4589-4598.

Lea, R.G., Andrade, L.P., Rae, M.T., Hannah, L.T., Murray, J.F., Rhind, S.M. and Miller, D.W. (2006) Effects of maternal undernutrition during early pregnancy on apoptosis regulators in the ovine fetal ovary. Reproduction, 131 (1). pp. 113-124.

Duncan, A., Rahman, A., Miller, D.W., Frutos, P., Gordon, I.J., Rehman, A., Baig, A., Ali, F. and Wright, I.A. (2006) Transhumance livestock production in the Northern Areas of Pakistan: Nutritional inputs and productive outputs. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 117 (2-3). pp. 195-204.

Miller, D.W., Harrison, J.L., Brown, Y.A., Doyle, U., Lindsay, A., Adam, C.L. and Lea, R.G. (2005) Immunohistochemical evidence for an endocrine/paracrine role for ghrelin in the reproductive tissues of sheep apdat 20051031. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 3 (1).

Conference Paper

Wickham, S., Collins, T., Barnes, A., Beatty, D., Fleming, T., Miller, D. and Stockman, C. (2008) Developing qualitative behavioural assessment as a measure of welfare in sheep. In: Proceedings of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Annual Conferences, 2008 AVA Annual Conference, Sheep/Industry Stream, January

Conference Item

Collins, T., Stockman, C., Barnes, A., Miller, D., Fleming, P. and Wemelsfelder, F. (2013) Qualitative behavioural assessment of sheep during commercial road transport. In: 9th International Veterinary Behaviour Meeting, 26 - 29 September, Lisbon, Portugal.

Collins, T., Fleming, P., Barnes, A., Beatty, D., Miller, D., Stockman, C., Snowden-Tucker, K., Blache, D., Wemelsfelder, F. and Bateman, P.W. (2008) What factors affect perceptions of animal welfare? In: AAWS International Animal Welfare Conference, 31 August - 3 September, Gold Coast, Australia.

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