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Davies, N., Gramotnev, G.alina, Seabrook, L., McAlpine, C., Baxter, G., Lunney, D. and Bradley, A. (2014) Climate-driven changes in diet composition and physiological stress in an arboreal folivore at the semi-arid edge of its distribution. Biological Conservation, 172 . pp. 80-88.

Crowther, M.S., Lunney, D., Lemon, J., Stalenberg, E., Wheeler, R., Madani, G., Ross, K.A. and Ellis, M. (2014) Climate-mediated habitat selection in an arboreal folivore. Ecography, 37 (4). pp. 336-343.

Lunney, D., Stalenberg, E., Santika, T. and Rhodes, J.R. (2014) Extinction in Eden: identifying the role of climate change in the decline of the koala in south-eastern NSW. Wildlife Research, 41 (1). pp. 22-34.

Santika, T., McAlpine, C.A., Lunney, D., Wilson, K.A., Rhodes, J.R. and Thuiller, W. (2014) Modelling species distributional shifts across broad spatial extents by linking dynamic occupancy models with public-based surveys. Diversity and Distributions, 20 (7). pp. 786-796.

Smith, A.G., McAlpine, C., Rhodes, J., Seabrook, L., Lunney, D. and Baxter, G. (2013) Are there habitat thresholds in koala occupancy in the semiarid landscapes of the Mulgalands Bioregion? Wildlife Research, 40 (5). pp. 413-426.

Smith, A.G., McAlpine, C., Rhodes, J.R., Seabrook, L., Baxter, G., Lunney, D. and Bradley, A. (2013) At what spatial scales does resource selection vary? A case study of koalas in a semi-arid region. Austral Ecology, 38 (2). pp. 230-240.

Seabrook, L., McAlpine, C., Rhodes, J., Baxter, G., Bradley, A., Lunney, D. and Thuiller, W. (2013) Determining range edges: habitat quality, climate or climate extremes? Diversity and Distributions, 20 (1). pp. 95-106.

Smith, A.G., McAlpine, C.A., Rhodes, J.R., Lunney, D., Seabrook, L. and Baxter, G. (2013) Out on a limb: habitat use of a specialist folivore, the koala, at the edge of its range in a modified semi-arid landscape. Landscape Ecology, 28 (3). pp. 415-426.

Davies, N.A., Gramotnev, G., McAlpine, C., Seabrook, L., Baxter, G., Lunney, D., Rhodes, J.R. and Bradley, A. (2013) Physiological stress in koala populations near the arid edge of their distribution. PLoS ONE, 8 (11). e79136.

Brearley, G., Rhodes, J., Bradley, A., Baxter, G., Seabrook, L., Lunney, D., Liu, Y. and McAlpine, C. (2013) Wildlife disease prevalence in human-modified landscapes. Biological Reviews, 88 (2). pp. 427-442.

Lunney, D. (2013) Wildlife roadkill: Illuminating and overcoming a blind spot in public perception. Pacific Conservation Biology, 19 (3-4). pp. 233-249.

Davies, N.A., Gillett, A., McAlpine, C., Seabrook, L., Baxter, G., Lunney, D. and Bradley, A. (2013) The effect of ACTH upon faecal glucocorticoid excretion in the koala. Journal of Endocrinology, 209 . pp. 1-12.

Matthews, A., Ruykys, L., Ellis, B., FitzGibbon, S., Lunney, D., Crowther, M.S., Glen, A.S., Purcell, B., Moseby, K., Stott, J., Fletcher, D., Wimpenny, C.laire, Allen, B.L., Van Bommel, L., Roberts, M., Davies, N., Green, K., Newsome, T., Ballard, G., Fleming, P., Dickman, C.R., Eberhart, A., Troy, S., McMahon, C. and Wiggins, N. (2013) The success of GPS collar deployments on mammals in Australia. Australian Mammalogy, 35 (1). p. 65.

Lunney, D. and Moon, C. (2012) Disasters for wildlife: an analysis of media attention. Australian Zoologist, 36 (1). pp. 5-19.

Lunney, D. (2012) Ethics and Australian mammalogy: reflections on 15 years (1991 - 2006) on an Animal Ethics Committee. Australian Mammalogy, 34 (1). pp. 1-17.

Lunney, D. (2012) Wildlife management and the debate on the ethics of animal use. I. Decisions within a State wildlife agency. Pacific Conservation Biology, 18 (1). pp. 5-21.

Lunney, D. (2012) Wildlife management and the debate on the ethics of animal use. II. A challenge for the animal protection movement. Pacific Conservation Biology, 18 (2). pp. 81-99.

Seabrook, L., McAlpine, C., Baxter, G., Rhodes, J., Bradley, A. and Lunney, D. (2011) Drought-driven change in wildlife distribution and numbers: a case study of koalas in south west Queensland. Wildlife Research, 38 (6). pp. 509-524.

Parnaby, H., Lunney, D. and Fleming, M. (2011) Four issues influencing the management of hollow using bats of the Pilliga forests of inland New South Wales. Australian Zoologist, 35 (S.I.). pp. 399-420.

Lunney, D., Parnaby, H., Pennay, M., Haering, R., Law, B., Eby, P., Schulz, M. and Turbill, C. (2011) The Priorities Action Statement (PAS) for the threatened bats of New South Wales. Australian Zoologist, 35 (S.I.). pp. 340-356.

Pennay, M., Law, B. and Lunney, D. (2011) Review of the distribution and status of the bat fauna of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Australian Zoologist, 35 (S.I ). pp. 226-256.

Lunney, D., Law, B., Schulz, M. and Pennay, M. (2011) Turning the spotlight onto the conservation of Australian bats and the extinction of the Christmas Island Pipistrelle. Australian Zoologist, 35 (S.I.). pp. 485-498.

Rhodes, J.R., Lunney, D., Moon, C., Matthews, A. and McAlpine, C.A. (2011) The consequences of using indirect signs that decay to determine species' occupancy. Ecography, 34 (1). pp. 141-150.

Parnaby, H., Lunney, D., Silannon, I.A.N. and Fleming, M. (2010) Collapse rates of hollow-bearing trees following low intensity prescription burns in the Pilliga forests, New South Wales. Pacific Conservation Biology, 16 (3). pp. 209-220.

Lunney, D. (2010) A history of the debate ( 1948-2009) on the commercial harvesting of kangaroos, with particular reference to New South Wales and the role of Gordon Grigg. Australian Zoologist, 35 (2). pp. 383-430.

Matthews, A., Spooner, P.G., Lunney, D., Green, K. and Klomp, N.I. (2010) The influences of snow cover, vegetation and topography on the upper range limit of common wombats Vombatus ursinus in the subalpine zone, Australia. Diversity and Distributions, 16 (2). pp. 277-287.

Lunney, D., Crowther, M.S., Shannon, I. and Bryant, J.V. (2009) Combining a map-based public survey with an estimation of site occupancy to determine the recent and changing distribution of the koala in New South Wales. Wildlife Research, 36 (3). p. 262.

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Crowther, M.S., McAlpine, C.A., Lunney, D., Shannon, I. and Bryant, J.V. (2009) Using broad-scale, community survey data to compare species conservation strategies across regions: A case study of the Koala in a set of adjacent ‘catchments’. Ecological Management & Restoration, 10 . S88-S96.

Lunney, D., Matthews, A., Eby, P. and Penn, A.M. (2009) The long-term effects of logging for woodchips on small mammal populations. Wildlife Research, 36 (8). pp. 691-701.

Lunney, D., Lunney, H.W.M. and Recher, H.F. (2008) Bushfire and the Malthusian Guillotine: Survival of small mammals in a refuge in Nadgee nature reserve, South-Eastern New South Wales. Pacific Conservation Biology, 14 (4). pp. 263-278.

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Lunney, D., Jones, M. and McCallum, H. (2008) Lessons from the looming extinction of the Tasmanian Devil (editorial). Pacific Conservation Biology, 14 (3). pp. 151-153.

Rhodes, J.R, McAlpine, C.A, Peterson, A., Callaghan, J.G, Lunney, D., Possingham, H.P, Mitchell, D.L and Curran, T. (2008) Linking landscape ecology to planning for koala conservation. Australian Planner, 45 (2). pp. 24-25.

Rhodes, J.R., Callaghan, J.G., McAlpine, C.A., de Jong, C., Bowen, M.E., Mitchell, D.L., Lunney, D. and Possingham, H.P. (2008) Regional variation in habitat-occupancy thresholds: a warning for conservation planning. Journal of Applied Ecology, 45 (2). pp. 549-557.

Lunney, D. and Moon, C. (2008) The portrayal of human-wildlife interactions in the print media. Australian Zoologist, Spec. Iss. . pp. 52-64.

Lunney, D. and Moon, C. (0035) Blind to bats: Traditional prejudices and today's bad press render bats invisible to public consciousness. Australian Zoologist, Spec. Issue . pp. 44-63.

Book Chapter

Calver, M.C., Lymbery, A., McComb, J.A. and Lunney, D. (2009) A natural legacy. In: Calver, M.C., Lymbery, A., McComb, J.A. and Bamford, M., (eds.) Environmental biology. Cambridge University Press, Port Melbourne, pp. 601-618.

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