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Journal Article

Beier, S., Himmelbach, A., Colmsee, C., Zhang, X-Q, Barrero, R.A., Zhang, Q., Li, L., Bayer, M., Bolser, D., Taudien, S., Groth, M., Felder, M., Hastie, A., Šimková, H., Staňková, H., Vrána, J., Chan, S., Muñoz-Amatriaín, M., Ounit, R., Wanamaker, S., Schmutzer, T., Aliyeva-Schnorr, L., Grasso, S., Tanskanen, J., Sampath, D., Heavens, D., Cao, S., Chapman, B., Dai, F., Han, Y., Li, H., Li, X., Lin, C., McCooke, J.K., Tan, C., Wang, S., Yin, S., Zhou, G., Poland, J.A., Bellgard, M.I., Houben, A., Doležel, J., Ayling, S., Lonardi, S., Langridge, P., Muehlbauer, G.J., Kersey, P., Clark, M.D., Caccamo, M., Schulman, A.H., Platzer, M., Close, T.J., Hansson, M., Zhang, G., Braumann, I., Li, C., Waugh, R., Scholz, U., Stein, N. and Mascher, M. (2017) Construction of a map-based reference genome sequence for barley, Hordeum vulgare L. Scientific Data, 4 .

Koh, S.H., Li, H., Sivasithamparam, K., Admiraal, R., Jones, M.G.K. and Wylie, S.J. (2017) Evolution of a wild-plant tobamovirus passaged through an exotic host: Fixation of mutations and increased replication. Virus Evolution, 3 (1).

Ong, J.W.L., Li, H., Sivasithamparam, K., Dixon, K.W., Jones, M.G.K. and Wylie, S.J. (2016) Novel Endorna-like viruses, including three with two open reading frames, challenge the membership criteria and taxonomy of the Endornaviridae. Virology, 499 . pp. 203-211.

Li, H., Zhang, C., Luo, H., Jones, M.G.K., Sivasithamparam, K., Koh, S.H., Ong, J.W.L. and Wylie, S.J. (2016) Yellow tailflower mild mottle virus and Pelargonium zonate spot virusco-infect a wild plant of red-striped tailflower in Australia. Plant Pathology, 65 (3). pp. 503-509.

Koh, S.H., Li, H., Admiraal, R., Jones, M.G.K. and Wylie, S.J. (2015) Catharanthus mosaic virus: A potyvirus from a gymnosperm, Welwitschia mirabilis. Virus Research, 203 . pp. 41-46.

Wylie, S.J., Zhang, C., Long, V., Roossinck, M.J., Koh, S.H., Jones, M.G.K., Iqbal, S. and Li, H. (2015) Differential responses to virus challenge of laboratory and wild accessions of Australian species of Nicotiana, and comparative analysis of RDR1 gene sequences. PloS one, 10 (3).

Wylie, S.J., Li, H., Sivasithamparam, K. and Jones, M.G.K. (2014) Complete genome analysis of three isolates of narcissus late season yellows virus and two of narcissus yellow stripe virus: Three species or one? Archives of Virology, 159 (6). pp. 1521-1525.

Ning, T., Li, J., Lin, K., Xiao, H., Wylie, S., Hua, S, Li, H. and Zhang, Y-P (2014) Complex evolutionary patterns revealed by mitochondrial genomes of the domestic horse. Current Molecular Medicine, 14 (10). pp. 1286-1298.

Wylie, S.J., Li, H., Liu, J. and Jones, M.G.K. (2014) First report of Narcissus mosaic virus from Australia and from Iris. Australasian Plant Disease Notes, 9 (1).

Wylie, S.J., Li, H. and Jones, M.G.K. (2014) Yellow tailflower mild mottle virus: A new tobamovirus described from Anthocercis littorea (Solanaceae) in Western Australia. Archives of Virology, 159 (4). pp. 791-795.

Wylie, S.J., Li, H., Saqib, M. and Jones, M.G.K. (2014) The global trade in fresh produce and the vagility of plant viruses: A case study in garlic. PloS one, 9 (8). e105044.

Wylie, S.J., Li, H. and Jones, M.G.K. (2013) Donkey orchid symptomless virus: A viral ‘Platypus’ from Australian terrestrial orchids. PloS one, 8 (11). e79587.

Wylie, S.J., Li, H., Dixon, K.W., Richards, H. and Jones, M.G.K. (2013) Exotic and indigenous viruses infect wild populations and captive collections of temperate terrestrial orchids (Diuris species) in Australia. Virus Research, 171 (1). pp. 22-32.

Li, H., Blair, L., Chen, Y., Learn, G., Pfafferott, K., John, M., Bhattacharya, T., Hahn, B.H., Mallal, S., Shaw, G.M. and Bar, K.J. (2013) Molecular mechanisms of HIV Type 1 prophylaxis failure revealed by Single-genome sequencing. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 208 (10). pp. 1598-1603.

Wylie, S.J., Tan, A.J.Y., Li, H., Dixon, K.W. and Jones, M.G.K. (2012) Caladenia virus A, an unusual new member of the family Potyviridae from terrestrial orchids in Western Australia. Archives of Virology, 157 (12). pp. 2447-2452.

Wylie, S.J., Li, H. and Jones, M.G.K. (2012) First report of an isolate of Japanese iris necrotic ring virus from Australia. Australasian Plant Disease Notes, 7 (1). pp. 107-110.

Wylie, S.J., Luo, H., Li, H. and Jones, M.G.K. (2012) Multiple polyadenylated RNA viruses detected in pooled cultivated and wild plant samples. Archives of Virology, 157 (2). pp. 271-284.

Wylie, S.J., Li, H. and Jones, M.G.K. (2012) Phylogenetic analysis of allexiviruses identified on garlic from Australia. Australasian Plant Disease Notes, 7 (1). pp. 23-27.

Li, H., Wylie, S.J. and Jones, M.G.K. (2000) Transgenic yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus). Plant Cell Reports, 19 (6). pp. 634-637.

Conference Paper

Lee, P., Li, H., Bahri, P. and Cooney, M. (2000) Fault detection of chemical processes: A linear matrix inequality approach. In: CHEMECA 2000, 9 - 12 July 2000, Perth, Western Australia

Jones, M.G.K., Wylie, S.J., Berryman, D., Selladurai, S., Brien, S.J., Li, D., Yang, R., Ryan, K., Li, H. and Li, L. (1999) Biotechnological tools in lupin breeding and disease diagnosis. In: 9th International Lupin Conference, 20 - 24 June 1999, Klink/Muritz, Germany

Wylie, S., Li, H., Hoffmann, K., Ryan, K., Yang, R., Li, D., Liu, L., Buirchell, B., Jones, R.A.C. and Jones, M. (1998) Genetically engineered virus disease resistance in lupins. In: Crop Updates 1998: Lupins, 18 - 20 February 1998, Rendezvous Observation City Hotel, Scarborough, Perth

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