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Le, X.T., Poinern, G.E.J., Subramaniam, S. and Fawcett, D. (2015) Applications of nanometre scale particles as pharmaceutical delivery vehicles in medicine. Open Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 2 . pp. 11-26.

Poinern, G.E.J., Le, X., Loomes, C. and Fawcett, D. (2014) Biocompatibility of composite membranes composed of anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) and Poly (2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate) for use as a cell culture substrate. Materials Letters, 131 . pp. 182-185.

Poinern, G.E.J., Le, X., O'Dea, M. and Fawcett, D. (2014) Can anodic aluminium oxide nanomembranes treated with nanometre scale hydroxyapatite be used as a cell culture substrate. International Journal of Materials Science and Applications, 3 (6). pp. 331-338.

Poinern, G.E.J., Le, X.T., O'Dea, M., Becker, T. and Fawcett, D. (2014) Chemical synthesis, characterisation, and biocompatibility of nanometre scale porous anodic aluminium oxide membranes for use as a cell culture substrate for the Vero cell line: A preliminary study. BioMed Research International, 2014 . pp. 1-10.

Poinern, G.E.J., Ali, N., Le, X. and Fawcett, D. (2014) Nano-hardness and elastic modulus of anodic aluminium oxide based Poly (2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate) composite membranes. AIMS Materials Science, 1 (3). pp. 159-173.

Poinern, G.E.J., Brundavanam, R.K., Le, X.T., Nicholls, P.K., Cake, M.A. and Fawcett, D. (2014) The synthesis, characterisation and in vivo study of a bioceramic for potential tissue regeneration applications. Scientific Reports, 4 . Article number 6235.

Poinern, G.E.J., Le, X.T., Hager, M., Becker, T. and Fawcett, D. (2013) Electrochemical synthesis, characterisation, and preliminary biological evaluation of an anodic aluminium oxide membrane with a pore size of 100 nanometres for a Potential Cell Culture Substrate. American Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 3 (6). pp. 119-131.

Le, X., Poinern, G.E.J., Ali, N., Berry, C.M. and Fawcett, D. (2013) Engineering a biocompatible scaffold with either micrometre or nanometre scale surface topography for promoting protein adsorption and cellular response. International Journal of Biomaterials, 2013 . pp. 1-16.

Poinern, G.E.J., Chapman, P., Le, X. and Fawcett, D. (2013) Green biosynthesis of gold nanometre scale plates using the leaf extracts from an indigenous Australian plant Eucalyptus macrocarpa. Gold Bulletin, 46 (3). pp. 165-173.

Poinern, G.E.J., Brundavanam, R.K., Le, X. and Fawcett, D. (2012) The mechanical properties of a porous ceramic derived from a 30 nm sized particle based powder of hydroxyapatite for potential hard tissue engineering applications. American Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 2 (6). pp. 278-286.

Brundavanam, R.K., Jiang, Z-T, Chapman, P., Le, X., Mondinos, N., Fawcett, D. and Poinern, G.E.J. (2011) Effect of dilute gelatine on the ultrasonic thermally assisted synthesis of nano hydroxyapatite. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 18 (3). pp. 697-703.

Poinern, G.E.J., Le, X.T. and Fawcett, D. (2011) Superhydrophobic nature of nanostructures on an indigenous Australian eucalyptus plant and its potential application. Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 4 (1). pp. 113-121.

Poinern, G.E.J., Brundavanam, R.K., Le, X.T., Djordjevic, S., Prokic, M. and Fawcett, D. (2011) Thermal and ultrasonic influence in the formation of nanometer scale hydroxyapatite bio-ceramic. International Journal of Nanomedicine (6). pp. 2083-2095.

Poinern, G.E.J., Le, X.T., Shan, S., Ellis, T., Fenwick, S., Edwards, J. and Fawcett, D. (2011) Ultrasonic synthetic technique to manufacture a pHEMA nanopolymeric-based vaccine against the H6N2 avian influenza virus: a preliminary investigation. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 6 . pp. 2167-2174.

Shan, S., Poinern, E., Ellis, T.M., Fenwick, S., Le, X., Edwards, J. and Jiang, Z-T (2010) Development of a Nano-vaccine against a Wild Bird H6N2 Avian Influenza Virus. Procedia in Vaccinology, 2 (1). pp. 38-41.

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