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Journal Article

Zhang, J., Dell, B., Ma, W., Vergauwen, R., Zhang, X-M, Oteri, T., Foreman, A., Laird, D.W. and Van den Ende, W. (2016) Contributions of root WSC during grain filling in wheat under drought. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7 .

Laird, D.W. and Henry, D.J. (2013) Is there Ni in my liquor? A hands-on laboratory exercise for relating chemistry to extractive metallurgy. Journal of Chemical Education, 90 (12). pp. 1671-1674.

Laird, D.W., Rowen, C.C., Machold, T., May, P.M. and Hefter, G. (2013) Volatile products from the degradation of organics in a synthetic Bayer liquor. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 52 (10). pp. 3613-3617.

El-Harbawi, M., Shaaran, S.N.A.Bt.S., Ahmad, F., Wahi, M.A.A., Abdul, A., Laird, D.W. and Yin, C-Y (2012) Estimating the flammability of vapours above refinery wastewater laden with hydrocarbon mixtures. Fire Safety Journal, 51 . pp. 61-67.

Machold, T., Laird, D.W., Rowen, C.C., May, P.M. and Hefter, G.T. (2011) Decomposition of Bayer process organics: Phenolates, polyalcohols, and additional carboxylates. Hydrometallurgy, 107 (3-4). pp. 68-73.

Laird, D.W., Bennett, S., Bian, B., Sauer, B., Wright, K., Hughes, V. and van Altena, I. A. (2010) Chemical investigation of seven Australasian Cystophora species: New chemistry and taxonomic insights. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 38 (2). pp. 187-194.

Machold, T., Macedi, E., Laird, D.W., May, P.M. and Hefter, G. (2009) Decomposition of Bayer process organics: low-molecular-weight carboxylates. Hydrometallurgy, 99 (1-2). pp. 51-57.

Laird, D.W., LaBarbera, D.V., Feng, X., Bugni, T.S., Harper, M.Kay and Ireland, C.M. (2007) Halogenated Cyclic Peptides Isolated from the SpongeCorticiumsp. Journal of Natural Products, 70 (5). pp. 741-746.

Laird, D.W., Poole, R., Wikström, M. and van Altena, I.A. (2007) Pycnanthuquinone C, an Unusual 6,6,5-Tricyclic Geranyltoluquinone from the Western Australian Brown AlgaCystophora harveyi. Journal of Natural Products, 70 (4). pp. 671-674.

Laird, D.W. and van Altena, I.A. (2006) Tetraprenyltoluquinols from the brown alga Cystophora fibrosa. Phytochemistry, 67 (10). pp. 944-955.

Conference Item

White, C., Hughes, L.J. and Laird, D.W. (2010) Biopolymer production from organic carbon wastes. In: Royal Australian Chemical Institutes's 13th National Convention, 4 - 8 July, Melbourne, Australia.

Rowen, C.C., Machold, T., Laird, D.W., Hefter, G.T. and May, P.M. (2010) Reactivity of organic compounds in the Bayer Process. In: Royal Australian Chemical Institutes's 13th National Convention, 4 - 8 July, Melbourne, Australia.

Yong, Z.L., Laird, D.W. and Hughes, L.J. (2008) Optimising the Production of PHB from Activated Sludge. In: Combined Biological Sciences Meeting, August, Perth, Western Australia.


Machold, T., Rowen, C.C., Laird, D.W. and Hefter, G.T. (2010) Analysis of Worsley Alumina Bauxite Digests, confidential report for BHP-Billiton Worsley Alumina. School of Chemical and Mathematical Science, Murdoch University

Machold, T., Bochmann, S., Laird, D.W., Rowen, K., Königsberger, E., May, P. and Hefter, G. (2010) P507C: Redox Processes in Bayer Liquors. Final report to AMIRA

Laird, D.W. and Hefter, G.T. (2006) Solubility of calcium carbonate and calcium sulfite in aqueous solutions. Report to Intermin Pty. Ltd

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