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Koh, S.H., Li, H., Sivasithamparam, K., Admiraal, R., Jones, M.G.K. and Wylie, S.J. (2017) Evolution of a wild-plant tobamovirus passaged through an exotic host: Fixation of mutations and increased replication. Virus Evolution, 3 (1).

Koh, S.H., Li, H., Sivasithamparam, K., Admiraal, R., Jones, M.G.K. and Wylie, S.J. (2017) Low root-to-root transmission of a tobamovirus, yellow tailflower mild mottle virus, and resilience of its virions. Plant Pathology . Accepted.

Li, H., Zhang, C., Luo, H., Jones, M.G.K., Sivasithamparam, K., Koh, S.H., Ong, J.W.L. and Wylie, S.J. (2016) Yellow tailflower mild mottle virus and Pelargonium zonate spot virusco-infect a wild plant of red-striped tailflower in Australia. Plant Pathology, 65 (3). pp. 503-509.

Koh, S.H., Ong, J.W.L., Admiraal, R., Sivasithamparam, K., Jones, M.G.K. and Wylie, S.J. (2016) A novel member of the Tombusviridae from a wild legume, Gompholobium preissii. Archives of Virology, 161 (10). pp. 2893-2898.

Koh, S.H., Li, H., Admiraal, R., Jones, M.G.K. and Wylie, S.J. (2015) Catharanthus mosaic virus: A potyvirus from a gymnosperm, Welwitschia mirabilis. Virus Research, 203 . pp. 41-46.

Wylie, S.J., Zhang, C., Long, V., Roossinck, M.J., Koh, S.H., Jones, M.G.K., Iqbal, S. and Li, H. (2015) Differential responses to virus challenge of laboratory and wild accessions of Australian species of Nicotiana, and comparative analysis of RDR1 gene sequences. PloS one, 10 (3).


Koh, Shu Hui (2017) Virosphere in flux: Old and new viruses in an ancient land. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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