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Hing, S., Northover, A.S., Narayan, E.J., Wayne, A.F., Jones, K.L., Keatley, S., Thompson, R.C.A. and Godfrey, S.S. (2017) Evaluating stress physiology and parasite infection parameters in the translocation of critically endangered woylies (Bettongia penicillata). EcoHealth, 14 (S1). pp. 128-138.

Hing, S., Jones, K.L., Rafferty, C., Thompson, R.C.A., Narayan, E.J. and Godfrey, S.S. (2017) Wildlife in the line of fire: evaluating the stress physiology of a critically endangered Australian marsupial after bushfire. Australian Journal of Zoology, 64 (6). pp. 385-389.

Hing, S., Currie, A., Broomfield, S., Keatley, S., Jones, K., Thompson, R.C.A., Narayan, E. and Godfrey, S.S. (2016) Host stress physiology and Trypanosoma haemoparasite infection influence innate immunity in the woylie (Bettongia penicillata). Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 46 . pp. 32-39.

Hing, S., Narayan, E.J., Thompson, R.C.A. and Godfrey, S.S. (2016) Identifying factors that influence stress physiology of the woylie, a critically endangered marsupial. Journal of Zoology, 302 (1). pp. 49-56.

Hing, S., Narayan, E.J., Thompson, R.C.A. and Godfrey, S.S. (2016) The relationship between physiological stress and wildlife disease: consequences for health and conservation. Wildlife Research, 43 (1). pp. 51-60.

Hing, S., Narayan, E., Thompson, R.C.A. and Godfrey, S. (2014) A review of factors influencing the stress response in Australian marsupials. Conservation Physiology, 2 (1).

Hing, S., Othman, N., Nathan, S.K.S.S., Fox, M., Fisher, M. and Goossens, B. (2013) First parasitological survey of endangered Bornean elephants Elephas maximus borneensi. Endangered Species Research, 21 (3). pp. 223-230.


Hing, S. (2016) Stress, wildlife health and the conservation of a critically endangered marsupial, the woylie. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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