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Journal Article

Grogan, L.F., Skerratt, L.F., Berger, L., Cashins, S.D., Trengove, R.D. and Gummer, J.P.A. (2018) Chytridiomycosis causes catastrophic organism-wide metabolic dysregulation including profound failure of cellular energy pathways. Scientific Reports, 8 (1).

Britton, L., Bridle, K., Reiling, J., Santrampurwala, N., Wockner, L., Ching, H., Stuart, K., Subramaniam, V.N., Jeffrey, G., St. Pierre, T., House, M., Gummer, J., Trengove, R., Olynyk, J., Crawford, D. and Adams, L. (2018) Hepatic iron concentration correlates with insulin sensitivity in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Hepatology Communications, 2 (6). pp. 644-653.

Grogan, L.F., Mulvenna, J., Gummer, J.P.A., Scheele, B.C., Berger, L., Cashins, S.D., McFadden, M.S., Harlow, P., Hunter, D.A., Trengove, R.D. and Skerratt, L.F. (2018) Survival, gene and metabolite responses of Litoria verreauxii alpina frogs to fungal disease chytridiomycosis. Scientific Data, 5 . p. 180033.

Gummer, J., Trengove, R., Pascoe, E.M., Badve, S.V., Cass, A., Clarke, P., McDonald, S.P., Morrish, A.T., Pedagogos, E., Perkovic, V., Reidlinger, D., Scaria, A., Walker, R., Vergara, L.A., Hawley, C.M., Johnson, D.W., Olynyk, J.K. and Ferrari, P. (2017) Association between serum hepcidin-25 and primary resistance to erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in chronic kidney disease: a secondary analysis of the HERO trial. Nephrology, 22 (7). pp. 548-554.

van Rijnsoever, M., Galhenage, S., Mollison, L., Gummer, J., Trengove, R.D. and Olynyk, J.K. (2016) Dysregulated erythropoietin, hepcidin, and bone marrow iron metabolism contribute to interferon-induced anemia in hepatitis C. Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research, 36 (11). pp. 630-634.

Litton, E., Baker, S., Erber, W.N., Farmer, S., Ferrier, J., French, C., Gummer, J., Hawkins, D., Higgins, A., Hofmann, A., De Keulenaer, B., McMorrow, J., Olynyk, J.K., Richards, T., Towler, S., Trengove, R. and Webb, S. (2016) Intravenous iron or placebo for anaemia in intensive care: the IRONMAN multicentre randomized blinded trial. Intensive Care Medicine, 42 (11). pp. 1715-1722.

Francki, M.G., Hayton, S., Gummer, J.P.A., Rawlinson, C. and Trengove, R.D. (2016) Metabolomic profiling and genomic analysis of wheat aneuploid lines to identify genes controlling biochemical pathways in mature grain. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 14 (2). pp. 649-660.

Rawlinson, C., Kamphuis, L.G., Gummer, J.P.A., Singh, K.B. and Trengove, R.D. (2015) A rapid method for profiling of volatile and semi-volatile phytohormones using methyl chloroformate derivatisation and GC–MS. Metabolomics, 11 (6). pp. 1922-1933.

Gummer, J.P.A., Trengove, R.D., Oliver, R.P. and Solomon, P.S. (2013) Dissecting the role of G-protein signalling in primary metabolism in the wheat pathogen Stagonospora nodorum. Microbiology, 159 (9). pp. 1972-1985.

Abbiss, H., Maker, G.L., Gummer, J., Sharman, M., Phillips, J.K., Boyce, M. and Trengove, R.D. (2012) Development of a non-targeted metabolomics method to investigate urine in a rat model of polycystic kidney disease. Nephrology, 17 (2). pp. 104-110.

Gummer, J.P.A., Trengove, R.D., Oliver, R.P. and Solomon, P.S. (2012) A comparative analysis of the heterotrimeric G-protein Gα, Gβ and Gγ subunits in the wheat pathogen Stagonospora nodorum. BMC Microbiology, 12 (1).

Gummer, J.P.A., Krill, C., DuFall, L., Waters, O.D.C., Trengove, R.D., Oliver, R.P. and Solomon, P.S. (2011) Metabolomics protocols for filamentous fungi. Methods in molecular biology, 835 . pp. 237-254.

Ipcho, S.V.S., Tan, K.C., Koh, G., Gummer, J., Oliver, R.P., Trengove, R.D. and Solomon, P.S. (2010) The transcription factor stuA regulates central carbon metabolism, mycotoxin production, and effector gene expression in the wheat pathogen Stagonospora nodorum. Eukaryotic Cell, 9 (7). pp. 1100-1108.

Gummer, J., Banazis, M., Maker, G., Solomon, P., Oliver, R. and Trengove, R. (2009) Use of mass spectrometry for metabolite profiling and metabolomics. Australian Biochemist, 40 (3). pp. 5-8.

Conference Item

Wenner, M., Rawlinson, C., Gummer, J., Mullaney, I., Maker, G. and Trengove, R. (2013) Quantitative & qualitative metabolomics of neuronal cell culture challenged with illicit drugs: A unified GC/MS/MS and LC/MS/MS approach. In: 61st ASMS Annual Conference, 9 - 13 June, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Rawlinson, C., Gummer, J., Mullaney, I., Maker, G. and Trengove, R.D. (2012) A UNIFIED metabolomics approach – Towards quantitative and qualitative analysis. In: SICC/APCE International Symposium on Microscale Separation and Analysis, 16 - 19 December, Singapore.

Maker, G.L., Campbell, S., Syme, R., Gummer, J.P.A., Rawlinson, C., Moncur, J. and Trengove, R.D. (2011) Automated library generation for untargeted metabolomics studies. In: Seventh International Conference of the Metabolomics Society, 27 - 30 June, Cairns, Qld, Australia.

Trengove, R., Peebles, B., Rawlinson, C., Gummer, J., Maker, G.L., Tan, K., Krill, C., Roussety, K., Cruz, C.A., Solomon, P., Oliver, R., Muntean, F., Schachterle, S., Kellogg, C. and Jeanville, P. (2011) Quantitative fungal metabolomics using GS/MS/MS-quantification of the major sources of variance from GC/MS studies. In: Seventh International Conference of the Metabolomics Society, 27 - 30 June, Cairns, Qld, Australia.


Gummer, Joel (2012) A metabolomic analysis of G-protein signalling mutants of Stagonospora nodorum. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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