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Journal Article

Brewster, L.R., Dale, J.J., Guttridge, T.L., Gruber, S.H., Hansell, A.C., Elliott, M., Cowx, I.G., Whitney, N.M. and Gleiss, A.C. (2018) Development and application of a machine learning algorithm for classification of elasmobranch behaviour from accelerometry data. Marine Biology, 165 (4). Article 62.

Andrzejaczek, S., Gleiss, A.C., Jordan, L.K.B., Pattiaratchi, C.B., Howey, L.A., Brooks, E.J. and Meekan, M.G. (2018) Temperature and the vertical movements of oceanic whitetip sharks, Carcharhinus longimanus. Scientific Reports, 8 (1).

Gleiss, A.C., Morgan, D.L., Whitty, J.M., Keleher, J.J., Fossette, S. and Hays, G.C. (2017) Are vertical migrations driven by circadian behaviour? Decoupling of activity and depth use in a large riverine elasmobranch, the freshwater sawfish (Pristis pristis). Hydrobiologia, 787 (1). pp. 181-191.

Estess, E.E., Klinger, D.H., Coffey, D.M., Gleiss, A.C., Rowbotham, I., Seitz, A.C., Rodriguez, L., Norton, A., Block, B. and Farwell, C. (2017) Bioenergetics of captive yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares). Aquaculture, 468 . pp. 71-79.

Morgan, D.L., Ebner, B.C., Allen, M.G., Gleiss, A.C., Beatty, S.J. and Whitty, J.M. (2017) Habitat use and site fidelity of neonate and juvenile green sawfish Pristis zijsron in a nursery area in Western Australia. Endangered Species Research, 34 . pp. 235-249.

Whitty, J.M., Keleher, J., Ebner, B.C., Gleiss, A.C., Simpfendorfer, C.A. and Morgan, D.L. (2017) Habitat use of a critically endangered elasmobranch, the largetooth sawfish Pristis pristis, in an intermittently flowing riverine nursery. Endangered Species Research, 34 . pp. 211-227.

Gleiss, A.C. (2017) New technology highlights the importance of scale in the foraging behaviour of a pelagic predator. Functional Ecology, 31 (2). pp. 284-285.

Gleiss, A.C., Potvin, J. and Goldbogen, J.A. (2017) Physical trade-offs shape the evolution of buoyancy control in sharks. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 284 (1866). Article 20171345.

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Morgan, D.L., Somaweera, R., Gleiss, A.C., Beatty, S.J. and Whitty, J.M. (2017) An upstream migration fought with danger: freshwater sawfish fending off sharks and crocodiles. Ecology, 98 (5). pp. 1465-1467.

Lear, K.O., Whitney, N.M., Brewster, L.R., Morris, J.J., Hueter, R.E. and Gleiss, A.C. (2016) Correlations of metabolic rate and body acceleration in three species of coastal sharks under contrasting temperature regimes. The Journal of Experimental Biology, 220 (3). pp. 397-407.

Ciancio, J.E., Venerus, L.A., Trobbiani, G.A., Beltramino, L.E., Gleiss, A.C., Wright, S., Norman, B., Holton, M. and Wilson, R.P. (2016) Extreme roll angles in Argentine sea bass: Could refuge ease posture and buoyancy control of marine coastal fishes? Marine Biology, 163:90 .

Payne, N.L., Iosilevskii, G., Barnett, A., Fischer, C., Graham, R.T., Gleiss, A.C. and Watanabe, Y.Y. (2016) Great hammerhead sharks swim on their side to reduce transport costs. Nature Communications, 7 . Article number 12289.

Fossette, S., Katija, K., Goldbogen, J.A., Bograd, S., Patry, W., Howard, M.J., Knowles, T., Haddock, S.H.D., Bedell, L., Hazen, E.L., Robison, B.H., Mooney, T.A., Shorter, K.A., Bastian, T. and Gleiss, A.C. (2016) How to tag a jellyfish? A methodological review and guidelines to successful jellyfish tagging. Journal of Plankton Research, 38 (6). pp. 1347-1363.

Hays, G.C., Ferreira, L.C., Sequeira, A.M.M., Meekan, M.G., Duarte, C.M., Bailey, H., Bailleul, F., Bowen, W.D., Caley, M.J., Costa, D.P., Eguíluz, V.M., Fossette, S., Friedlaender, A.S., Gales, N., Gleiss, A.C., Gunn, J., Harcourt, R., Hazen, E.L., Heithaus, M.R., Heupel, M., Holland, K., Horning, M., Jonsen, I., Kooyman, G.L., Lowe, C.G., Madsen, P.T., Marsh, H., Phillips, R.A., Righton, D., Ropert-Coudert, Y., Sato, K., Shaffer, S.A., Simpfendorfer, C.A., Sims, D.W., Skomal, G., Takahashi, A., Trathan, P.N., Wikelski, M., Womble, J.N. and Thums, M. (2016) Key questions in marine megafauna movement ecology. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 31 (6). pp. 463-475.

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Whitney, N.M., Lear, K.O., Gaskins, L.C. and Gleiss, A.C. (2016) The effects of temperature and swimming speed on the metabolic rate of the nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum, Bonaterre). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 477 . pp. 40-46.

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Whitney, N.M., White, C.F., Gleiss, A.C., Schwieterman, G.D., Anderson, P., Hueter, R.E. and Skomal, G.B. (2016) A novel method for determining post-release mortality, behavior, and recovery period using acceleration data loggers. Fisheries Research, 183 . pp. 210-221.

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Gleiss, A.C., Wright, S., Liebsch, N., Wilson, R.P. and Norman, B. (2013) Contrasting diel patterns in vertical movement and locomotor activity of whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef. Marine Biology, 160 (11). pp. 2981-2992.

Qasem, L., Cardew, A., Wilson, A., Griffiths, I., Halsey, L.G., Shepard, E.L.C., Gleiss, A.C. and Wilson, R. (2012) Tri-axial dynamic acceleration as a proxy for animal energy expenditure; should we be summing values or calculating the vector? PLoS ONE, 7 (2). e31187.

Gleiss, A.C., Jorgensen, S.J., Liebsch, N., Sala, J.E., Norman, B., Hays, G.C., Quintana, F., Grundy, E., Campagna, C., Trites, A.W., Block, B.A. and Wilson, R.P. (2011) Convergent evolution in locomotory patterns of flying and swimming animals. Nature Communications, 2 (1). p. 352.

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Gleiss, A.C., Norman, B., Liebsch, N., Francis, C. and Wilson, R.P. (2009) A new prospect for tagging large free-swimming sharks with motion-sensitive data-loggers. Fisheries Research, 97 (1-2). pp. 11-16.

Conference Item

Gleiss, A.C., Potvin, J. and Goldbogen, J.A. (2017) Physical trade-offs shape the evolution of buoyancy control in sharks. In: SICB 2017 Annual Meeting, January 4-8, 2017, New Orleans, LA, USA.

Gleiss, A., Morgan, D., Whitty, J., Keleher, J., Fossette, S. and Hays, G. (2015) Seasonally contrasting physiological and ecological performance question the ‘warmer-is-better’. In: ASFB Conference, 11 - 14 October, Sydney, Australia.

Whitty, J.M., Morgan, D.L., Gleiss, A., Thorburn, D.C. and Keleher, J. (2014) A review of the Fitzroy River, Western Australia sawfish project and the implications of its findings in regards to anthropogenic disturbances. In: Sharks International, 2 - 6 June, Durban, South Africa.


Morgan, D., Whitty, J., Allen, M., Ebner, B., Keleher, J., Gleiss, A. and Beatty, S. (2016) Wheatstone Environmental Offsets - Barriers to sawfish migrations. A report for Chevron Australia and the Western Austalian Marine Science Institution. Freshwater Fish Group & Fish Health Unit, Centre for Fish & Fisheries Research, Murdoch University

Morgan, D., Beatty, S., Allen, M., Gleiss, A., Keleher, J. and Whitty, J. (2011) Addressing knowledge gaps and questions from the Fitzroy River (Kimberley region, Western Australia) fishway review. Report to the Department of Water, Government of Western Australia. Freshwater Fish Group, Murdoch University

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