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Journal Article

Ellis, K. (2013) Book Review: Transgressive bodies: Representations in film and popular culture, edited by Niall Richardson, Surrey and Burlington, Ashgate, 2010, 237 pp., ISBN 9780754676225 (hbk). Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media and Culture, 27 (2). pp. 323-325.

Ellis, K. (2012) Complicating a rudimentary list of characteristics: Communicating disability with down syndrome dolls. M/C Journal: A Journal of Media and Culture, 15 (5).

Ellis, K. (2012) It means inclusion: A creative approach to disability and telecommunications policy in Australia. Telecommunications Journal of Australia, 62 (2). 27.1-27.13.

Ellis, K. (2011) Embracing learners with disability: Web 2.0, access and insight. Telecommunications Journal of Australia, 61 (2).

Ellis, K. (2010) Autism & aspergers in popular Australian cinema post 2000. Disability Studies Quarterly, 30 (1).

Ellis, K. (2010) Barbie helps shed light on diversity. PS News, 25 January 2010 .

Ellis, K. (2010) Be who you want to be: the philosophy of facebook and the construction of identity. Australian Screen Education Online, 59 .

Ellis, K. (2010) Disrupting strength, power, and perfect bodies: Disability as narrative prosthesis in 1990s Australian national cinema. Nebula, 7 (1/2). pp. 98-107.

Ellis, K. (2010) Review of Stories of Oprah: The Oprahfication of American culture. Southwest Journal of Cultures, Spring Post 1 .

Ellis, K. (2010) Review of The tube has spoken: reality TV and history. Southwest Journal of Cultures: an interdisciplinary venue for culture studies and scholarly book reviews, Spring Post 1 .

Ellis, K. (2010) Review: Contours of ableism: The production of disability and abledness. Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 24 (4). pp. 638-640.

Ellis, K. and Kent, M. (2010) Tweeters take responsibility for an accessible web 2.0. Fast Capitalism, 7 (1).

Ellis, K. (2010) A purposeful rebuilding: Youtube, representation, accessibility and the socio-political space of disability. Telecommunications Journal of Australia, 60 (2). 21.1-21.12.

Ellis, K. (2009) Ass-kicked by fate: Existential motifs in The Maltese Falcon. Australian Screen Education Online, 53 .

Ellis, K. (2009) Beyond the Aww factor: Human interest profiles of paralympians and the media navigation of physical difference and social stigma. Asia Pacific Media Educator, 19 . pp. 23-36.

Ellis, K. (2009) A quest through chaos: my narrative of illness and recovery. Gender Forum: An Internet Journal for Gender Studies, 26 .

Ellis, K. and Kent, M. (2008) iTunes is pretty (useless) when you're blind: Digital design is triggering disability when it could be a solution. M/C Journal: A Journal of Media and Culture, 11 (3).

Ellis, K. (2007) Disability as visual shorthand: Theme and style in Australian cinema in the 1990s. Metro Magazine: Media & Education Magazine, 152 . pp. 135-139.

Ellis, K. (2007) Isolation and companionship: Disability in Australian (Post) colonial cinema. Wagadu: Journal of Transnational Women's and Gender Studies, 4 . pp. 184-198.

Ellis, K. (2006) Rehabilitating 1990s Australian national cinema. Senses of Cinema (Australian Cinema), 39 .

Ellis, K. (2006) Review of The remasculinization of Korean cinema. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, 13 .

Ellis, K. (2003) Reinforcing the stigma - The representation of disability in Gattaca. Australian Screen Education Online, 31 . pp. 111-114.

Ellis, K. (2002) New world, old habits: Patriarchal ideology in Star Wars: A new hope. Australian Screen Education Online, 30 . pp. 135-138.

Conference Paper

Kent, M. and Ellis, K. (2009) Online virtual communities and disability. In: Centre for Everyday Life Symposium: Media technologies community and everyday life, 2 September 2009, Murdoch University, Murdoch, W.A

Kent, M. and Ellis, K. (2009) Your avatar looks normal to me. In: Disability Studies Conference 2009, 26 - 27 June 2009, UNSW, Sydney

Ellis, K. and Kent, M. (2008) Disability and Web 2.0: Opportunity lost? In: Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Annual Conference (CSAA) 2008, 6 - 9 December 2008, Kalgoorlie, W.A

Ellis, K. (2008) Media and technology. In: Disability, Democracy, Media & Listening Workshop (as part of the Listening Project), 10 October 2008, University of Technology Sydney, N.S.W

Ellis, K. (2006) Unity verses diversity, the social disablement of UnAustralian national cinema during the 1990s. In: UNAUSTRALlA The Cultural Studies Association of Australasia's Annual Conference, 6 - 8 December 2006, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Ellis, K. (2004) At least I'm better off than you: Disability diversity in Australian cinema. In: Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Annual Conference: Everyday Transformations: The Twenty-First Century Quotidian, 9 - 11 December 2004, Murdoch University, Murdoch, W.A

Ellis, K. (2002) Bad parenting a paranoia of wider society. In: The Film and History Association of Australia and New Zealand 11th Biennial Conference, 28 November - 3rd December 2002, Flinders University, Adelaide

Ellis, K. (2002) Disability and the undead downunder. In: Antipodean Gothic Conference: Manifestations of the Gothic in Australian and New Zealand Cultures, December 2002, Massey University, Auckland

Ellis, K. (2002) Why isn't there any wheelchair access at the Logies? Portraying disability and Australian-ness in Australia films'. In: AALS 17th Annual Conference: Narrative in Australian fiction and cinema, April 2002, Emporio State University, Kansas City, Missouri

Book Chapter

Ellis, K. (2012) Live fast, die young, become immortal. In: Brabazon, T., (ed.) Digital dialogues and community 2.0: After avatars, trolls and puppets. Woodhead Publishing Limited incorporating Chandos Publishing, Oxford, UK, pp. 201-208.

Ellis, K. (2012) New media as a powerful ally in the representation of mental illness: YouTube, resistance and change. In: Rubin, L.C., (ed.) Mental Illness and Popular Media: essays on the Representation of Disorders. McFarland & Co, Jefferson, N.C., pp. 184-201.

Ellis, K. (2012) Taste is the enemy of creativity: disability, YouTube and a new language. In: Brabazon, T., (ed.) Digital dialogues and community 2.0: After avatars, trolls and puppets. Woodhead Publishing Limited incorporating Chandos Publishing, Oxford, UK, pp. 121-134.

Ellis, K. (2011) Dolls with disabilities: Playing with diversity. In: Norris, N., (ed.) Unionist Popular Culture and Rolls of Honour in the North of Ireland During The First World War: A Collection of Diverse Essays in Popular Culture. Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York.

Ellis, K. (2010) Disability in Australian cinema: Cultural anxiety to diversity. In: Goldsmith, B. and Lealand, G., (eds.) Directory of World Cinema: Australian and New Zealand. Intellect Books, Bristol, UK, pp. 66-77.

Ellis, K. (2010) I premiered my first film in an inaccessible cinema: Changing the social landscape through disability feminist activism and film. In: Findley, L. and Stringer, E., (eds.) Beyond burning bras: Feminism activism for everyone. Praeger, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.

Ellis, K. (2010) [P]eople often judged by what they feared or knew existed in themselves. In: O'Reilly, N., (ed.) Postcolonial issues in Australian literature. Cambria press, Amherst, New York, pp. 203-218.


Rodan, D., Ellis, K. and Lebeck, P. (2014) Disability, Obesity and Ageing: Popular Media Identifications. Ashgate Publishing.

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Ellis, K. (2008) Disabling diversity: The social construction of disability in 1990s Australian national cinema. VDM Verlag, Saarbrucken, Germany.


Ellis, Kathleen (2004) You look normal to me: the social construction of disability in Australian national cinema in the 1990s. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.


Ellis, K. (2010) Casting off the hyperbole of disabling society: Barbie as a political icon. ON LINE opinion: Australia's e-journal of social and political debate, 21 January 2010 .

Ellis, K. (2010) Feeling tired of emotional. The Australian, 5 March 2010 . p. 20.

Ellis, K. (2010) Hen's night bunny feminism. ON LINE opinion: Australia's e-journal of social and political debate, 15 February 2010 .

Ellis, K. (2010) Malice in wonderland of bunnies. The Australian, 25 January 2010 . p. 16.

Ellis, K. (2010) My writing. Shakespeare's Sister, 19 January 2010 .

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