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Journal Article

Djordjevic, S., Parlevliet, D. and Jennings, P. (2013) Detectable faults on recently installed solar modules in Western Australia. Renewable Energy, In press .

Poinern, G.E.J., Brundavanam, R.K., Le, X.T., Djordjevic, S., Prokic, M. and Fawcett, D. (2011) Thermal and ultrasonic influence in the formation of nanometer scale hydroxyapatite bio-ceramic. International Journal of Nanomedicine (6). pp. 2083-2095.

Djordjevic, S. (2003) The effect of ultrasonic solidification of aluminium. Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Metallurgy, 39 (3-4). pp. 527-532.

Stojanovic, M., Dimitrijevic, T., Marjanovic, D. and Djordjevic, S. (1985) Industrial development of the locally manufactured solar cells. Journal of Air-conditioning – Heating – Cooling, 4 . pp. 43-45.

Conference Paper

Troup, G. and Djordjevic, S. (1995) The effect of emotions on the spectra of the singing voice. In: 2nd International Conference on Acoustics and Musical Research, 19 - 21 May, Ferrara, Italy.

Djordjevic, S., Troup, G. and Don, C. (1995) The role of the formant intensity in the analysis of emotionally sung vowels. In: 32nd Czech Conference on Acoustics, 23 - 26 September, Prague.

Djordjevic, S., Troup, G. and Bowe, H. (1994) The effect of emotions on the spectra of sustained sung vowels. In: Proceedings of the Noise and Sound: Nuisance and Amenity, Australian Acoustical Society Annual Conference, 9 - 11 November, Canberra, Australia.

Troup, G., Djordjevic, S., Bowe, H. and Long, J. (1993) A pilot study of the spectra of sustained sung consonants. In: Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference (SMAC 93), 28 July - 1 August, Stockholm, Sweden.

Prokic, M., Djordjevic, S., Stanisic, J. and Stefanovic, D. (1987) Ultrasound application to aluminum crystallization. In: XXXI Yugoslav Conference of ETAN, 1 - 5 July, Bled, Yugoslavia.

Radmanovic, M., Djordjevic, S. and Prokic, M. (1986) Design of a piezoelectric sandwich transducer working in the vicinity of the minimum impedance resonance regime. In: XXX Yugoslav Conference of ETAN, June, Herceg-Novi, Yugoslavia.

Radovic, S., Djordjevic, S., Petkovic, N. and Stefanovic, D. (1986) Optimization of the optical sensitive position detector fabrication process. In: XXX Yugoslav Conference of ETAN, June, Herceg-Novi, Yugoslavia.

Prokic, M., Djordjevic, S., Stanisic, J. and Stefanovic, D. (1986) Ultrasonic head design for applications to materials. In: International Conference “Materials ‘86 – Theory and Practice of Sintering, 3 - 6 June, Uzice, Yugoslavia.

Stanisic, J., Stefanovic, D., Djordjevic, S., Stamenkovic, P. and Prokic, M. (1985) Contribution to the research of ultrasound application in aluminum industry. In: XXIX Yugoslav Conference of ETAN, 3 - 7 July, Nis, Yugoslavia.

Stojanovic, M., Dimitrijevic, T., Vukanovic, R., Zivkovic, B. and Djordjevic, S. (1985) Principals of solar cells installations and their applications in our conditions. In: Yugoslav Exhibitions of Inventions, Innovations, and Technical Promotion – RAST YU 85, 30 May - 6 June, Rijeka, Yugoslavia.


Djordjevic, S. (2006) Star visions. AD Print, Babusnica, Serbia.

Djordjevic, S. (2005) Follow the style of Nature. ALOM, Pirot, Serbia.


Sarkovic, D., Djordjevic, S., Nesic, S. and Petrovic, M. (1985) Solar Cells – Technical Report. Internal technical report, EI RO-VEP Nis, Yugoslavia, September 1985.


Djordjevic, S. (1996) Study of the effect of mood and emotion on the spectra of sustained sung vowels and consonants. PhD Thesis (PhD). Monash University, Melbourne .

Djordjevic, S. (1990) Prognosis of the structural and technological properties of aluminum exposed to ultrasound while in molten state. M.S. Thesis. Center of Multidisciplinary Studies, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia .

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