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Dhand, R., Lee, G. and Cole, G. (2010) Analytical temporal specification issues for industrial control systems. In: 24th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, 20 - 23 April, Perth, Australia pp. 68-74.


Dhand, R., Lee, G. and Cole, G. (2008) Prototyping optimization through component based middleware in distributed real-time applications. In: 5th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications, ICITA 2008, 23 - 26 June, Cairns, Queensland pp. 443-448.


Armarego, J., Agelidis, V.G. and Cole, G. (2005) Pioneering initiatives for the training and education of instrumentation and control engineers at Murdoch University, Western Australia. In: IICA2005 - From Sensors to the Boardroom, 25 - 29 July, Melbourne, Victoria


Calais, M., Armarego, J. and Cole, G. (2004) Aligning renewable energy engineering units to a design studio based curriculum. In: ISREE 10 (International Symposium on Renewable Energy Educators), 28 Nov.-1 Dec. 2004, Perth, W.A.

Patel, M., Cole, G.R., Pryor, T.L. and Wilmot, N. (2004) Development of a novel SCADA system for laboratory testing. ISA Transactions, 43 (3). pp. 477-490.


Budi, E.M., Roy, G. and Cole, G. (2003) Jawa: A Java Tool-kit for mobile objects applications. In: Guelfi, N., Astesiano, E. and Reggio, G., (eds.) Scientific Engineering for Distributed Java Applications. Springer Berlin , Germany, pp. 39-48.

Peng, S., Lam, C.P. and Cole, G.R. (2003) A biologically inspired four legged walking robot. In: 2003 IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation, 14 - 19 September 2003, Taipei, Taiwan pp. 2024-2030.


Lund, C.P., Wilmot, N., Pryor, T. and Cole, G. (2001) Demonstrating remote area power supply systems on the World Wide Web. Renewable Energy, 22 (1-3). pp. 345-351.

Calais, M., Cole, G.R., Jennings, P.J. and Wenham, S.R. (2001) A new undergraduate engineering program in renewable energy. In: ISES Solar World Congress, 25 November - 2 December, Adelaide, SA, Australia pp. 1765-1774.


Dixon, M.W. and Cole, G. (1997) Application of a recurrent neural network to the routing problem in Packet-Switched networks. In: International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT) 1997, 2 - 5 April 1997, Melbourne, Australia


Dixon, M.W., McGill, T.J., Cole, G. and Barnett, B.L. (1996) Integrating a networking simulation package into a data communications course to enhance student learning. In: 1st Australasian Conference on Computer Science Education , 3 - 5 July, Sydney pp. 159-163.


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Dixon, M.W., Cole, G.R. and Bellgard, M.I. (1995) Using the Hopfield neural network with mean field annealing to solve the shortest path problem in a communication network. In: 1995 IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks (ICNN '95), 27 November - 1 December 1995, Perth, W.A pp. 2652-2657.

Dixon, M.W., Bellgard, M.I. and Cole, G.R. (1995) A neural network algorithm to solve the routing problem in communication networks. In: International Workshop on Applications of Neural Networks to Telecommunications (IWANNT '95), 22 - 24 May 1995, Stockholm, Sweden

Dixon, M.W., Cole, G.R. and Bellgard, M.I. (1995) A neural network shortest path algorithm for routing in packet-switched communication networks. In: 1995 International Conference on Communications (ICC '95): Gateway to Globalization, 18 - 22 June 1995, Seattle, Washington, USA pp. 1602-1606.


Cole, G.R., Hine, T.J. and McIlhagga, W. (1994) Estimation of linear detection mechanisms for stimuli of medium spatial frequency. Vision Research, 34 (10). pp. 1267-1278.

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