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Journal Article

Khalfbadam, H.M., Cheng, K.Y., Sarukkalige, R., Kayaalp, A.S. and Ginige, M.P. (2016) Assessing the suitability of sediment-type bioelectrochemical systems for organic matter removal from municipal wastewater: A column study. Water Science and Technology, 74 (4). pp. 974-984.

Khalfbadam, H.M., Ginige, M.P., Sarukkalige, R., Kayaalp, A.S. and Cheng, K.Y. (2016) Bioelectrochemical system as an oxidising filter for soluble and particulate organic matter removal from municipal wastewater. Chemical Engineering Journal, 296 . pp. 225-233.

Mohammadi Khalfbadam, H., Cheng, K.Y., Sarukkalige, R., Kaksonen, A.H., Kayaalp, A.S. and Ginige, M.P. (2016) A bio-anodic filter facilitated entrapment, decomposition and in situ oxidation of algal biomass in wastewater effluent. Bioresource Technology, 216 . pp. 529-536.

Wong, P.Y., Ginige, M.P., Kaksonen, A.H., Cord-Ruwisch, R., Sutton, D.C. and Cheng, K.Y. (2015) Simultaneous phosphorus uptake and denitrification by EBPR-r biofilm under aerobic conditions: effect of dissolved oxygen. Water Science & Technology, 72 (7). pp. 1147-1154.

Cheng, K.Y., Kaksonen, A.H. and Cord-Ruwisch, R. (2013) Ammonia recycling enables sustainable operation of bioelectrochemical systems. Bioresource Technology, 143 . pp. 25-31.

Cheng, K.Y., Ho, G. and Cord-Ruwisch, R. (2012) Energy-efficient treatment of organic wastewater streams using a rotatable bioelectrochemical contactor (RBEC). Bioresource Technology, 126 . pp. 431-436.

Cord-Ruwisch, R., Law, Y. and Cheng, K.Y. (2011) Ammonium as a sustainable proton shuttle in bioelectrochemical systems. Bioresource Technology, 102 (20). pp. 9691-9696.

Cheng, K.Y., Ho, G. and Cord-Ruwisch, R. (2011) Novel methanogenic rotatable bioelectrochemical system operated with polarity inversion. Environmental Science & Technology, 45 (2). pp. 796-802.

Cheng, K.Y., Ho, G. and Cord-Ruwisch, R. (2010) Anodophilic biofilm catalyzes cathodic oxygen reduction. Environmental Science & Technology, 44 (1). pp. 518-525.

Cheng, K.Y., Cord-Ruwisch, R. and Ho, G. (2009) A new approach for in situ cyclic voltammetry of a microbial fuel cell biofilm without using a potentiostat. Bioelectrochemistry, 74 (2). pp. 227-231.

Cheng, K.Y., Ho, G. and Cord-Ruwisch, R. (2008) Affinity of microbial fuel cell biofilm for the anodic potential. Environmental Science & Technology, 42 (10). pp. 3828-3834.

Conference Paper

Cheng, K.Y., Cord-Ruwisch, R. and Ho, G. (2008) A mixed anodophilic biofilm exhibits saturation behavior with anodic potential in a microbial fuel cell. In: Microbial Fuel Cells First International Symposium, 27 - 29 May, Pennsylvania, USA

Cheng, K.Y., Cord-Ruwisch, R. and Ho, G. (2007) Limitations of bio-hydrogen production by anaerobic fermentation process: An overview. In: Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in the Asia Pacific Region Conference, 4-8 February 2007, Fremantle, Western Australia pp. 264-269.

Conference Item

Cheng, K.Y., Cord-Ruwisch, R. and Ho, G. (2007) Computer-conctrolled microbial fuel cell enables efficient electricity production by activated sludges. In: 11th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion: Bioenergy for our Future, 23 - 27 September, Brisbane, Australia.

Jiang, Z-T, Yu, P.F., Xu, X.T. and Cheng, K.Y. (1986) Magnetic head field analyses by computation and experimentation. In: Sixth National Conference On Magnetism, WuHan, P. R. China.


Cheng, Ka Yu (2009) Bioelectrochemical systems for energy recovery from wastewater. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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