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Ceh, J. and Riascos, J.M. (2017) Cryptic life stages in scyphozoan jellyfish: Larval settlement preferences of the South American sea nettle Chrysaora plocamia. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 490 . pp. 52-55.

Ceh, J., Gonzalez, J., Pacheco, A.S. and Riascos, J.M. (2015) The elusive life cycle of scyphozoan jellyfish – metagenesis revisited. Scientific Reports, 5 . Article 12037.

Raina, J-B, Tapiolas, D.M., Forêt, S., Lutz, A., Abrego, D., Ceh, J., Seneca, F.O., Clode, P.L., Bourne, D.G., Willis, B.L. and Motti, C.A. (2013) DMSP biosynthesis by an animal and its role in coral thermal stress response. Nature, 502 (7473). pp. 677-680.

Ceh, J., van Keulen, M. and Bourne, D.G. (2013) Intergenerational transfer of specific bacteria in corals and possible implications for offspring fitness. Microbial Ecology, 65 (1). pp. 227-231.

Ceh, J., Kilburn, M.R., Cliff, J.B., Raina, J-B, van Keulen, M. and Bourne, D.G. (2013) Nutrient cycling in early coral life stages:Pocillopora damicornislarvae provide their algal symbiont (Symbiodinium) with nitrogen acquired from bacterial associates. Ecology and Evolution, 3 (8). pp. 2393-2400.

Ceh, J., Raina, J-B, Soo, R.M., van Keulen, M. and Bourne, D.G. (2012) Coral-bacterial communities before and after a coral mass spawning event on Ningaloo Reef. PLoS ONE, 7 (5). e36920.

Ceh, J., van Keulen, M. and Bourne, D.G. (2011) Coral-associated bacterial communities on Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 75 (1). pp. 134-144.


Ceh, Janja (2011) Coral-associated microbial communities in reef-building corals of Ningaloo Reef Western Australia. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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