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Warwick, C., Steedman, C., Jessop, M., Arena, P., Pilny, A. and Nicholas, E. (2018) Exotic pet suitability: understanding some problems and utilizing a labeling system to aid animal welfare, environment, and consumer protection. Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, 26 . In Press17-26.

Warwick, C., Jessop, M., Arena, P., Pilny, A. and Steedman, C. (2018) Guidelines for inspection of companion and commercial animal establishments. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 5 .

Warwick, C., Jessop, M., Arena, P., Pliny, A., Nicholas, E. and Lambiris, A. (2017) Future of keeping pet reptiles and amphibians: animal welfare and public health perspective. Veterinary Record, 181 (17). pp. 454-455.

Arena, P.C., Warwick, C. and Steedman, C. (2014) Welfare and environmental implications of farmed sea turtles. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 27 (2). pp. 309-330.

Toland, E., Warwick, C. and Arena, P.C. (2012) Pet hate: Exotic pet-keeping is on the rise despite decades of initiatives aimed at reducing the trade of exotic and rare animals. Three experts argue that urgent action is needed to protect both animals and ecosystems. Biologist, 59 (3). pp. 14-18.

Arena, P.C. and Wooller, R.D. (2003) The reproduction and diet of Egernia kingii (Reptilia : Scincidae) on Penguin Island, Western Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology, 51 (5). pp. 495-504.

Arena, P.C., Richardson, K.C. and Yamada, J. (1990) An immunohistochemical study of endocrine cells of the alimentary tract of the King's skink (Egernia kingii). Journal of Anatomy, 170 . pp. 73-85.

Arena, P.C., Richardson, K.C. and Cullen, L.K. (1988) Anaesthesia in two species of large Australian skink. Veterinary Record, 123 (6). pp. 155-8.

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