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Journal Article

Amri, A., Jiang, Z-T, Pryor, T., Yin, C-Y and Djordjevic, S. (2014) Developments in the synthesis of flat plate solar selective absorber materials via sol–gel methods: A review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 36 . pp. 316-328.

Amri, A., Jiang, Z-T, Wyatt, N., Yin, C-Y, Mondinos, N., Pryor, T. and Mahbubur Rahman, M. (2014) Optical properties and thermal durability of copper cobalt oxide thin film coatings with integrated silica antireflection layer. Ceramics International, 40 (10, Part B). pp. 16569-16575.

Amri, A., Jiang, Z-T, Zhao, X., Xie, Z., Yin, C-Y, Ali, N., Mondinos, N., Mahbubur Rahman, M. and Habibi, D. (2014) Tailoring the physicochemical and mechanical properties of optical copper–cobalt oxide thin films through annealing treatment. Surface and Coatings Technology, 239 . pp. 212-221.

Mahbubur Rahman, M., Jiang, Z-T, Xie, Z., Duan, X., Zhou, Z-F, Wo, P.C., Yin, C-Y, Mondinos, N., Gu, Q., Widjaja, H., Jackson, K., Yago, A. and Amri, A. (2014) Understanding local bonding structures of Ni-doped chromium nitride coatings through synchrotron radiation NEXAFS spectroscopy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118 (32). pp. 18573-18579.

Mahbubur Rahman, M., Duan, A., Jiang, Z-T, Xie, Z., Wu, A., Amri, A., Cowie, B. and Yin, C-Y (2013) Near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure studies of Cr1-xMxN coatings. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 578 . pp. 362-368.

Amri, A., Duan, X-F, Yin, C-Y, Jiang, Z-T, Mahbubur Rahman, M. and Pryor, T. (2013) Solar absorptance of copper–cobalt oxide thin film coatings with nano-size, grain-like morphology: Optimization and synchrotron radiation XPS studies. Applied Surface Science, 275 . pp. 127-135.

Amri, A., Jiang, Z-T, Bahri, P.A., Yin, C-Y, Zhao, X., Xie, Z., Duan, X-F, Widjaja, H., Mahbubur Rahman, M. and Pryor, T. (2013) Surface electronic structure and mechanical characteristics of copper cobalt oxide thin film coatings: Soft X-ray synchrotron radiation spectroscopic analyses and modeling. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 (32). pp. 16457-16467.

Amri, A., Jiang, Z-T, Pryor, T., Yin, C-Y, Xie, Z. and Mondinos, N. (2012) Optical and mechanical characterization of novel cobalt-based metal oxide thin films synthesized using sol–gel dip-coating method. Surface and Coatings Technology, 207 . pp. 367-374.

Conference Paper

Mahbubur Rahman, M., Jiang, Z-T, Amri, A., Mondinos, N., Altarawneh, M. and Dlugogorski, B.Z. (2015) 3d transition metal oxide based sol-gel derived coatings for photothermal applications. In: 3rd International Conference On Advances in Applied Science and Environmental Engineering, 11 - 12 April, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pp. 108-112.

Mahbubur Rahman, M., Jiang, Z-T, Ibrahim, K., Mohammadpour, E., Widjaja, H., Mondinos, N. and Amri, A. (2014) Development of solar selective surfaces for photothermal applications. In: Centenary Postgraduate Symposium. Royal Society of Western Australia, 3rd October 2014, Webb Lecture Theatre, University of Western Australia

Mahbubur Rahman, M., Jiang, Z-T, Yin, C-Y, Duan, A., Xie, Z., Mondinos, N., Amri, A. and Cowie, B. (2013) Effect of silicon (Si) and aluminium (Al) doping on material’s hardness and oxidation resistance behaviours of chromium nitride (CrN) coatings: A NEXAFS investigation. In: MUPSA Multidisciplinary Conference 2013, 3 October 2013, Murdoch University, Murdoch, W.A. p. 63.

Amri, A., Jiang, Z-T, Pryor, T., Yin, C-Y and Mondinos, N. (2012) Characterization of copper cobolt oxide thin film coatings synthesized via sol-gel dip-coating method. In: 3rd International Chemical and Environmental Engineering Conference (ICEEC 2012), 21 - 23 December, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pp. 31-36.

Bohssini, M., Grando, S., Ceccarelli, S., Street, K., Ogbonnaya, F., Amri, A., Ketata, H., Mosaad, M.M., Lhaloui, C.S., Mulatu, B., Bouhachem, S.D., Mornhinweg, D., Porter, D.R., Smith, M. and Cakir, M. (2010) Progress in host plant resistance to Russian wheat aphid in North Africa and West Asia. In: International Russian Wheat Aphid Conference 2010, 26 - 28 April 2010, Singapore

Conference Item

Taha, H., Jiang, Z-T, Henry, D., Amri, A., Yin, C-Y, Mahbubur Rahman, M., Widjaja, H., Mohammadpour, E. and Mondinos, N. (2015) Structural and optical properties of spin coating ITO thin films. In: Australian Institute of Physics 2015 Western Australian Postgraduate Conference, 2 October, Perth, Western Australia.

Amri, A., Jiang, Z-T, Pryor, T. and Yin, C-Y (2012) Optical properties of copper cobalt metal oxide thin films synthesized via sol-gel dip-coating method. In: 7th International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Nanostructured Materials, 18 - 21 September, Prague, Czech Republic.

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