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Journal Article

Nicol, M.J. and Akilan, C. (2018) The kinetics of the dissolution of chrysocolla in acid solutions. Hydrometallurgy, 178 . pp. 7-11.

Nicol, M., Akilan, C., Tjandrawan, V. and Gonzalez, J.A. (2017) Effect of halides in the electrowinning of zinc. II. Corrosion of lead-silver anodes. Hydrometallurgy, 173 . pp. 178-191.

Nicol, M., Akilan, C., Tjandrawan, V. and Gonzalez, J.A. (2017) The effects of halides in the electrowinning of zinc. I. Oxidation of chloride on lead-silver anodes. Hydrometallurgy, 173 . pp. 125-133.

Akilan, C., Königsberger, E., Solis, J.S., May, P.M., Kyle, J.H. and Hefter, G. (2016) Investigation of complexation and solubility equilibria in the copper(I)/cyanide system at 25°C. Hydrometallurgy, 164 . pp. 202-207.

Akilan, C. and Nicol, M.J. (2016) Kinetics of the oxidation of iron(II) by oxygen and hydrogen peroxide in concentrated chloride solutions – A re-evaluation and comparison with the oxidation of copper(I). Hydrometallurgy, 166 . pp. 123-129.

Akilan, C., May, P.M. and Hefter, G. (2014) A potentiometric study of the association of copper(II) and sulfate ions in aqueous solution at 25 °C. Journal of Solution Chemistry, 43 (5). pp. 885-892.

Kim, D-J, Gahan, C.S., Akilan, C., Choi, S-Y and Kim, B-G (2013) Microbial desulfurization of three different coals from Indonesia, China and Korea in varying growth medium. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 30 (3). pp. 680-687.

Akilan, C., Hefter, G., Rohman, N. and Buchner, R. (2006) Ion association and hydration in aqueous solutions of copper(II) Sulfate from 5 to 65 °C by dielectric spectroscopy. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 110 (30). pp. 14961-14970.

Akilan, C., Rohman, N., Hefter, G. and Buchner, R. (2006) Temperature effects on ion association and hydration in MgSO4 by dielectric spectroscopy. ChemPhysChem, 7 (11). pp. 2319-2330.

Conference Paper

Akilan, C., Königsberger, L.C., May, P.M. and Hefter, G. (2007) Properties of copper(II) sulfate in mixed electrolyte systems. In: 30th International Conference on Solution Chemistry, 16 - 20 July, Perth, Western Australia


Akilan, Chandrika (2008) Thermodynamic and related studies of aqueous copper(II) sulfate solutions. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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