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Ibegbu, A.O., Mullaney, I., Fyfe, L. and MacBean, D. (2012) Oxidative stress does not predispose neuronal cells to changes in G protein coupled (opioid) receptor gene expression in cortical B50 neurons in culture. International Journal of Human Genetics, 12 (4). pp. 303-310.

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Cui, P.H., Petrovic, N. and Murray, M. (2011) The ω-3 epoxide of eicosapentaenoic acid inhibits endothelial cell proliferation by p38 MAP kinase activation and cyclin D1/CDK4 down-regulation. British Journal of Pharmacology, 162 (5). pp. 1143-1155.


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Shaw, J.A., Maker, G.L., Brooker, L.R. and Clode, P.L. (2009) The chiton fauna of the Swan River Estuary and their potential role as indicators of environmental contamination. In: Swan Canning Research and Innovation Program Showcase, 19 August, Perth, Western Australia.

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Lowe, R.G.T., Lord, M., Rybak, K., Trengove, R.D., Oliver, R.P. and Solomon, P.S. (2008) A metabolomic approach to dissecting osmotic stress in the wheat pathogen Stagonospora nodorum. Fungal Genetics and Biology, 45 (11). pp. 1479-1486.


Michael, P.J., Steadman, K.J. and Plummer, J.A. (2006) Limited ecoclinal variation found in Malva parviflora (small-flowered mallow) across the Mediterranean-climatic agricultural region of Western Australia. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 57 (7). pp. 823-830.

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Baker, K.S., Steadman, K.J., Plummer, J.A., Merritt, D.J. and Dixon, K.W. (2005) The changing window of conditions that promotes germination of two fire ephemerals, Actinotus leucocephalus (Apiaceae) and Tersonia cyathiflora (Gyrostemonaceae). Annals of Botany, 96 (7). pp. 1225-1236.

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