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Journal Article

Armarego, J. (1999) Perception versus reality: towards a profile of female computing students. GATES, 5 (1). pp. 3-8.

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Conference Paper

Armarego, J. (2002) Advanced software design: a case in problem-based learning. In: 15th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEET-02), 25-27 February 2002, Covington, KY pp. 44-54.

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Book Chapter

Budi, E.M., Roy, G. and Cole, G. (2003) Jawa: A Java Tool-kit for mobile objects applications. In: Guelfi, N., Astesiano, E. and Reggio, G., (eds.) Scientific Engineering for Distributed Java Applications. Springer Berlin , Germany, pp. 39-48.

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Working Paper

Nguyen, L., Armarego, J. and Swatman, P. (2002) Understanding requirements engineering: a challenge for practice and education. Deakin University, School of Information Systems, Geelong, Victoria.


Heath, Alex (2002) The simulation of polymer aggregation/breakage at high solid fraction in turbulent flow by population balance. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

Jiao, Yushi (2011) The use of Synchronized Phasor Measurement to Determine Power System Stability, Transmission Line Parameters and Fault Location. Other thesis, Murdoch University.

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