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Angus & Robertson and the British trade in Australian Books, 1930 131970: The getting of bookselling wisdom

Ensor, J.D. (2012) Angus & Robertson and the British trade in Australian Books, 1930 131970: The getting of bookselling wisdom. Anthem Press, London, England.

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Despite upheavals in ownership over the past three decades, the name Angus & Robertson remains to date the most recognised book-retailing brand in Australia. However, it is little known that through the incredible efforts of everyone involved in the operations of its London agency, Angus & Robertson was, for a time, also the most recognised Australian bookselling and book publishing brand in the commonwealth.

This book documents a distinctive chapter in the history of Australian book publishing as it addresses how the company dealt with the tension between aspirational literary nationalism and the requirements of turning a profit while attempting to get inside the UK literary market. As well as detailing Angus & Robertson 19s complete international relations, the book argues that the company 19s international business was a much larger, more successful and complicated business than has been acknowledged by previous scholars. It questions the ways in which Angus & Robertson replicated, challenged or transformed the often highly criticised commercial practices of British publishers in order to develop an export trade for Australian books in the United Kingdom.

18Angus & Robertson and the British Trade in Australian Books, 1930 131970 19 is the first of its kind; no other book in the present literary market records a substantial history of Australia 19s largest publisher and its role in the development of Australia 19s export book trade. Although a unique piece, this volume also complements existing studies on Angus & Robertson, Australian literature and Australian publishing.

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Publisher: Anthem Press
Copyright: 2012 Jason D. Ensor
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