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Maangamizi - The ancient one

Mhando, M. (2001) Maangamizi - The ancient one. [Motion Picture] [Creative Output]


MAANGAMIZI - THE ANCIENT ONE is a story about three women; a doctor, her patient and the ancient and mysterious ancestor who brings them together. It is a tale of healing through love, compassion and forgiveness. It is the spiritual journey of the soul. It is a story that seeks to reclaim the connection between Africa and her Diaspora. It is a story that dares to represent the histories of two continents as it peels away layers upon layers of pain and ultimately brings healing of the soul.

Publication Type: Creative Output
Written byMulvihill, Q.T.
DirectorMhando, Martin
DirectorMulvihill, R.
ActorLihamba, SA.
ActorKejeri, S.
ActorWachira, W.
ProducerMhando, Martin
ProducerMulvihill, Q.T.
ProducerMulvihill, R.
CinematographerDawkins, W.E.
EditorLing, J.
Executive ProducerCunning, M.J.
Executive ProducerDemme, J.
Executive ProducerShareshian, S.
Company Credits: Gris-Gris Films
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Media, Communication and Culture
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Other Information: - It was the first film from the United Republic of Tanzania to ever be submitted as entry to the Oscars. - Won the inaugural Golden Dhow Award at the first Zanzibar Film Festival
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