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Groundwater recharge with secondary sewage effluent

Mathew, K., Newman, P.W.G. and Ho, G.E. (1982) Groundwater recharge with secondary sewage effluent. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra.


Comprehensive review of the literature is presented and research studies of groundwater recharge with treated wastewater which offers a means for water re-use which has several advantages is described. The removal of nitrogen was studied in detail, since it is a major polutant in secondary sewage effluent and because soil adsorption is an important pre-requisite in its removal. A mathematical model was developed based on the processes contributing to nitrogen removal, in order to simulate the overall process and to optimize nitrogen removal. A simplified and yet realistic model was derived for management purposes.

Publication Type: Report
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Environmental and Life Sciences
Publisher: Australian Government Publishing Service
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