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The anatomy of the resource boom tells us it’s only going to get better for taxpayers

Wilson, J.D. (2012) The anatomy of the resource boom tells us it’s only going to get better for taxpayers. The Conversation, 9 November .

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It seems no-one is quite sure what to think of the resource boom anymore.

Long considered the factor that saved Australia from the GFC, the suspension, delay or scaling back of a number of mining projects has led many to question whether the resource boom is turning into a bust. Even the recently-issued Asian Century White Paper (gently) expresses concerns at a national over-reliance on mining exports and the need to diversify into new economic sectors.

However, much of the rhetoric around the supposed mining bust rests on dubious analysis. By attempting to read the tea leaves for an entire industry on the basis of individual projects, such claims may not fully capture the broader direction in which the Australian mining sector is heading.

Indeed, by looking at the mining sector as a whole – and considering the three distinct stages which mining projects pass through – we can see that the reality of the sector today is more nuanced than simply being a boom or a bust.

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