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Reaction of nitrous oxide with methane to produce synthesis gas (CO + H2); a thermodynamic and catalytic analysis

Khan, N.A., Kennedy, E., Dlugogorski, B., Adesina, A.A. and Stockenhuber, M. (2014) Reaction of nitrous oxide with methane to produce synthesis gas (CO + H2); a thermodynamic and catalytic analysis. In: CHEMECA 2014, 28 September - 1 October, Perth, Western Australia Paper 1395.

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A thermodynamic and kinetic (experimental) study of N2O with CH4 to synthesis gas (H2+CO) formation was investigated under various reaction conditions. The experimental study was carried out over Co-ZSM-5 as catalyst in a fixed bed reactor. The effect of temperature (270 °C -570 °C) and molar feed ratio (N2O/CH4 = 1, 3, and 5) was examined in order to determine conditions for maximizing H2 yield. The results show that for the molar feed ratios (N2O/CH4) of 1 and 3, N2O is the limiting reactant. The thermodynamic and kinetic analyses of the reaction having a limiting N2O reactant in reactant feed (N2O/CH4) shows that H2 yield steadily increased with increase in temperature and the level of CH4 conversion. Furthermore, the maximum attainable (from thermodynamic calculations) H2 yield at 550°C is about 20%. While thermodynamic predictions of H2 yield drops to zero in presence of excess of N2O in reactant feed (N2O/CH4 = 5). Over Co-ZSM-5 catalyst and with a molar reactant feed ratio (N2O/CH4) of 5, the H2 yield first increases to 10 % with rise in temperature and then drops to zero at relatively higher range of temperatures (above 425°C). The synthesis gas production from partial oxidation of CH4 with N2O may not be an alternative route to existing industrial practice; however, the fractional substitution of O2 with N2O in the partial oxidation of CH4 could lead to emission reductions. This will also give a new route for H2 generation.

Publication Type: Conference Paper
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Engineering and Information Technology
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