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Mycosphaerella spp. on Eucalyptus in Asia: new species, new hosts and new records.

Burgess, T.I., Barber, P.A., Sufaati, S., Xu, D., Hardy, G.E.St.J. and Dell, B. (2007) Mycosphaerella spp. on Eucalyptus in Asia: new species, new hosts and new records. Fungal Diversity, 24 . pp. 135-157.

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    Leaf spots caused by Mycosphaerella spp. are of increasing concern in eucalypt plantations around the world, but few species have been reported infecting eucalypts in Asia. From leaf material collected in China, Vietnam and Indonesia, we describe three new Mycosphaerella spp.; M. vietnamiensis, M. obscuris and M. yunnanensis. Mycosphaerella crystallina, previously known only from South Africa, and M. stramenticola, previously reported from Eucalyptus leaf litter in Brazil, are new records. Mycosphaerella citri, an important pathogen of citrus, was found infecting Eucalyptus. Mycosphaerella marksii and M. suttoniae, which have been previously reported in Asia, were regularly encountered. Pseudocercospora spp. were also common throughout the region. This study highlights the potential biodiversity of Mycosphaerella spp. on eucalypts in South-East Asia.

    Publication Type: Journal Article
    Murdoch Affiliation: School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology
    Publisher: Fungal Diversity Press
    Copyright: Springer
    Notes: Paper presented at the Annual meeting of the Tree Protection Co-operative Program (TPCP) at the Forestry and Biotechnology Institute (FABI), Pretoria, South Africa, April 2005.
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